44)Ups And Downs In My Own
business But I Don’t Give Up


What are the ups and downs in business?


When it comes to the emotions in running a business – such
as enthusiasm, motivation and motivation – they are all by-products
of enthusiasm. Your adrenaline level will be high enough to launch


However, as you move through the different stages of your
business, it is also inevitable that things will deteriorate at some
point and your frustration will reach an alarming level. Therefore,
all other emotions of an entrepreneur are by-products of these two.


Without a doubt, this is the most stressful feeling about
starting a business. From afar this may sound naive, but if you are
not upbeat and enthusiastic about his business, he is doing something
wrong. Of course, that enthusiasm and confidence will fade away
after some time and feel like a distant memory, but the most
important thing is to get it back as soon as possible.


Excitement easily builds up when things are going well. A new
client or a signed business contract can cause your serotonin levels
to skyrocket. In fact, enthusiasm makes you feel invincible and
invincible, resulting in you taking more risks than usual. While it
can be a double-edged sword, we all know that risk is the foundation
of entrepreneurship and the courage to take it is a quality an
entrepreneur must master in order to be successful. Starting and
running a business is a risky decision in itself.


In business life, excitement and disappointment have one thing
in common: both allow you to take risks. In the second case,
however, these risks are taken only to get out of a dire situation
that you can no longer face. While this can be positive sometimes,
most of the time it leads to even bigger disasters. Why? Because
frustration spoils your judgment so much that you end up in a big pit
without even noticing. Therefore, entrepreneurs are advised to make
decisions with a cool mind.


How do you manage company risks?



Yes, the ups and downs of business make you sick at times.
You want to give up, unbuckle your seat belt, and stop. But you
won’t and you shouldn’t. You know why? Because you get used to it
and go back to where it was before, it feels so boring. And above
all, because what separates a winner from a loser is that the winner
tries again after the loser.


So, if you are dealing with the ups and downs of business and
you don’t know how to deal with them, take some notes on the examples
given below. 24 entrepreneurs share their secrets.


Celebrate Small Victories


I have also learned to celebrate small victories. Small
victories happen much more often than these big milestones, and when
you see them, the energy remains positive and upbeat. Burnout is not
so much a lack of milestones as the distance between them.


Many good things happen in small businesses, and learning to
celebrate those little things is important. To be successful is to
keep your pace in tough times – focusing on the good news, the good
times and the good results, big or small, builds a positive mindset.


Measure And Analyze

For me, the biggest challenge in running a business is staying
calm when my income fluctuates. My company’s daily income is
increasing rapidly, which can cause a lot of stress. Our daily
income generation is the accumulation of a series of upstream


Focus On Further Development

I think running a company is like running a marathon. There
will be ups and downs so you will need to tone down both to stay
energized during the process. Concentrate your energy on constantly
moving forward and upward, and keep your energy in the same position
as in the downward movement. You will burn yourself with all the ups
and downs by getting caught up in your own hype.


Create Work-life Balance


Mastering the ups and downs of running a business is like a
great routine outside of the workplace. Balance your family life and
do daily activities that relax you. If yoga or meditation works for
you, take the time to do it during the week. Everyone is different,
and it’s really about taking care of your individual needs for a
healthy mind.


Remember Your Roots


Think about where we started, how far we have come and where
we are today. When it comes to growing a company from vision to
global brand, it’s easy to get frustrated and get burned. We have
founded the organization with the belief that art should be
accessible to all and it is very important to remember the mission in
difficult times; It is important to maintain the same enthusiasm and
enthusiasm that you started with.


Know Everything Is Happening


My main coping mechanism for navigating the store is the
phrase “we’ll see.” I have found that what seems lucky at
first glance can be bad and vice versa. Keeping a calm mind about
the uncertainty of the future is a great stabilizer to deal with it.


Don’t Stop Learning


Many entrepreneurs lack the curiosity that goes beyond their
industry and leads to tough times in their business. They are not
investing in themselves as much as they should. While it’s important
to keep an eye on your industry, it’s important to stay current in
other areas as well.


Coaching, workshops, books and tutoring are great ways to
learn new skills. It can’t stay the same forever, and if it doesn’t
grow with your business, it will stagnate and lose momentum.


The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you can make
and overcome the ups and downs of your business. So never stop
learning and put as much information in your mind as you can.


Talk to Other Business Owners


I’ve found that one of the best ways to deal with the ups and
downs of running a business is to talk to fellow business owners on a
regular basis. I have a bunch of business owners that I talk to
regularly and it really helps me keep track of everything. Some
belong to the same industry, others are completely different
industries. It also helps many of us to be in different stages of
our business. It is good that people think and with whom to share
their gains and losses.


Be A Responsible Partner


One of the most important relationships I advise small
business owners to build as soon as possible is a responsible
partner. I have founded four companies and would not have been
successful without outside support. When the roller coaster ride of
emotions and work situations inevitably hits, it’s (and should be)
important to have a sounding board and support system. As well as
being a responsible partner, I am fortunate to have a mentor in my
arsenal. Both provide a stable appearance.


Take Long Walks


I rely on our exceptional management team, my advisors and my
friends. Talking about successes, ideas, and challenges with others
from different backgrounds enables you to take a step back and find
solutions. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a weekly phone call
with your teen friends!


I also go for at least two long walks a day, aiming to cover
4-7 miles a day. That’s when I talk to friends, listen to music,
podcasts or audio books. Depending on my mood, I can choose
something that will help me come up with new marketing ideas or grow
into a leader, or I can go offline and listen to my favorite songs.


Focus On Process


The biggest challenge was to keep the adjustments going on
continuously. Finding a way to develop complex and deep technology
requires thinking outside the box and a lot of customization.
However, building a new industry from scratch is no easy task. You
are bringing to market the innovation that you have come to expect
from other unique companies.



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