45)Read A Text 3 Times Usually



Reading is a skill that many take for granted, but reading and
understanding text properly is a complex and interactive process.
Working together requires many different brain functions and in most
cases understanding multiple levels of context and meaning.


Because reading is so difficult to understand, we often find
that we understand the most basic of a text, but lose the emotional
core, or “big picture.” Or we can find our brains
wandering without knowing what a text is trying to convey.


What is reading comprehension?

To read a text, your brain has to process not only the literal
words piecemeal, but their relationship to one another, the context
behind the words, subtle language, and how vocabulary can affect the
meaning behind them. Text and how the text fits together into a
larger and more coherent whole.


“It is a universally accepted truth that a man who is
happy needs a woman.”


However, a literal interpretation of the text, based only on
the meaning of the words, would lead us to believe that “all
rich men want women”. But the context, the choice of words, and
the vocabulary of the text really belie this interpretation. Using
the phrases “generally accepted” and “must be missed”
(emphasis added), the text expresses a subtle sarcasm in the words.
Rather than being a de facto truth that “the rich want women,”
this sentence immediately tells us that we are reading about a
marriage-caring society, while implying that the opening statement is
something in which people may believe in this society, but it is not
necessarily true.


Without practicing reading comprehension, such nuances can be
lost. And then it may happen that someone reads but doesn’t really
understand the full meaning of a text.


As you can see, reading comprehension has multiple processes
going on in your brain at the same time, so it’s easy for some
aspects of a text to get lost in the clutter. But for anyone who is
struggling, the good news is that reading comprehension is a skill
like no other. It has to be learned through practice, focus and
diligence, but it can absolutely be learned.


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why reading comprehension is important



Reading can be difficult, so why bother? Learning to read and
understand texts correctly is a complex process, but mastering them
is an essential skill for both work and pleasure.


You will have to learn more during your studies, at university
and in the world of work (as well as during your play!) if we think
of “reading” as only a literal or superficial understanding
of a piece and “reading” as a complete understanding. If
so, a person in the world can only withstand pure “reading”
for so long.


Reading comprehension is essential for many important aspects
of daily life, such as:


Read, understand and analyze literature in the English class.


Read and understand texts from other subjects, such as
history, math or science.


Successfully complete the written and math sections of the SAT
(or all five sections of the ACT)


Understand and interact with current events presented in
writing such as: B News.


Understand and respond appropriately to all other workplace
correspondence, such as tests, reports, memos, and discussions.


Enjoy just some paperwork in your spare time


How to Improve Reading Comprehension: 3 Steps


Since reading comprehension is a skill that is perfect like no
other, you can use exercises and game boards to improve your reading


Guided practice involves structure and focused attention,
such as learning new vocabulary and testing it for yourself, while
relaxing practice involves simply reading to yourself and enjoying at
least one or two hours of pressure-free reading per week.


By combining reading for study and reading for pleasure, you
can improve your reading skills without limiting reading time to just
“work.” Reading is part of our daily lives and improving
comprehension should never come at the cost of enjoying the activity.


What is the first step in improving your reading


Step 1: Understand and Rethink the Way You Read Now


Before you can improve your reading comprehension, you must
first understand how you are currently reading and what your limits


Begin by selecting passages from different texts you don’t
know (textbooks, essays, novels, reports, or any other type of text
that you don’t understand) and read them normally. As you read,
notice when your focus, energy, or understanding of the material
begins to waver.


Step 2: Improve your Vocabulary


Reading and comprehension are based on a combination of
vocabulary, context and word interaction. Therefore, you need to be
able to understand each dynamic part before you can understand the
text as a whole.


If you have difficulty understanding a particular terminology,
it is sometimes possible to decipher its meaning not through
contextual cues (how words are used in a sentence or passage), but
looking up definitions of words that accompany those words. is
always a good idea. Those who are not there are unknown. As you
read, be sure to keep a list of words you don’t recognize easily and
make a series of index cards of the words and their definitions.
Take fifteen minutes two or three times a week to challenge your


Step 3: Read for Fun


The best way to improve your reading comprehension is through
practice. And the best way to train is to have fun!


Instead of working continuously, make reading a fun activity at
least occasionally. It prompts you to study the lesson and accept
the activity as part of your daily life (not just your study/work
life). If you practice and really dig into your reading material,
improvement will come by itself.



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