A Mentor And A Friend


is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a process in which a person provides work experience
and support to a less experienced colleague. A mentor acts as a
teacher, advisor and advocate for a disciple. Mentoring leads to a
mutually beneficial business relationship over time.

The purpose of mentoring is not to correct poor performance, but to
shape a promising career. Remember, mentoring is an opportunity to
give back to business and industry by teaching the next generation of
leaders and innovators.

What does a Mentor do?

A mentor works on two levels: he supports the pupil in completing
the required work tasks and helps him to envision and take the
desired career. A mentor combines teaching behavior and professional
actions with effective support.

A mentor can fill all or a combination of roles. Teacher:


• Advocate: Provides sponsorship, ensures presence and visibility
within the organization.

• Get Resources: Draw the student’s attention to important
readings, opportunities, or experiences.

• Acts as a Role Model – Provides insight into your “success”
in the organization.

• Consultant: Shares institutional and professional knowledge,
critiques performance and gives suggestions.

• Instructor – help the student learn new skills and practice new

• Defend – Help them discover exciting new opportunities within
the organization while protecting them from opposing forces and “dead
end” tasks.

• Helpful: listens with a discerning ear, explains unwritten
rules and recognizes disappointments and triumphs.

When are you a friend and when are you a mentor? The personal bond
you (hopefully) form with your mentor brings these roles dangerously
together, with only a thin line separating them.

However, the difference between the two is what the manti requires
from the relationship. Yes, they need trust and support, but when a
friend suggests a clear direction (or what they think they should be
doing), a mentor shares their experience and advice to help mentee
their way. And Find Steps to help you find your next way. A mentor
should avoid the risk of conviction to a greater extent than a
friend, while offering advice provides a greater opportunity to
express constructive criticism without insulting.

There is always a friendly element in giving advice. After all we
are human. I had apprentices who needed both a friend and a mentor.
And I had apprentices who became friends after the test was over.
But the two roles, while similar, must differ in the process.

For me, the first meeting is when things are defined. This is the
first time you hear from him and from him on your behalf. Here,
however, he also outlines his role as a mentor. Here you can
describe what you are there to support them and what you are not. It
is important for both of you to understand the role quickly.

We already know the impact a powerful mentor can have on our lives
as active professionals. But what if you don’t think of anyone from
your professional background or your current job as a potential
mentor? Or maybe you already have a professional advisor who can’t
advise you on all of your personal or professional development goals?

Don’t despair – many professionals may fail to realize their
ability to offer advice to those they know best – their friends.

Whether it’s your best friend in third grade or a new acquaintance,
it’s time to turn one of your friendships into life-changing

Why mentor your friendship?

When it comes to mentoring a friend, also known as a “friend,”
you might be surprised at how useful they can be and the many
benefits of matchmaking. These are some of the reasons why you
should consider turning your friendship into mentoring.

They know you. Through your friendship, your mentor will learn
about you, your past challenges and failures, and your future goals.
If they’ve known you for a while, they may have seen you grow as a
person and probably have a holistic view of your personal strengths.
They know what you’re looking for in life and can probably give you
advice on how to get there faster.

You already trust them. Most people like to talk about their
personal life, which also affects our professional life, but can be
taboo for professional advice, and with friends about their
professional difficulties with a mentor who helps them Only knows
professionally. , ,

Regardless of whether your boyfriend finds himself in a similar
situation to yours later in life or later in his career, make sure
he’s someone you can count on for his future success. Eventually,
they’ll give you advice about the tough decisions you need to make.

Honesty goes both ways. Since they already trust each other as
friends, they will be more honest about their problems and they will
be more honest in their comments and advice, and perhaps even telling
them things that a professional counselor would like to convey their
feelings. Can be avoided for fear of getting hurt. Conversely, you
are more likely to dispute a friend’s comments than a professional

They can challenge you in new ways. Unlike a mentor, who is your
professional colleague, a friend may be more comfortable challenging
you and pushing you out of your comfort zone, which can often be
necessary to end your career and achieve success. And since you know
this person very well, you won’t mind trying something new.

May your knowledge, network and skills complement you. If your
friend is in a different field or works for another organization, he
or she can often provide you with a more in-depth professional
outlook and new networking opportunities that will help you
transition into a new role or organization, or outside of your
current position. can help. shop. , As long as they offer you
something different than what you already know, you can learn from
them too.

Whereas in a traditional mentor-mentor relationship the mentor or
mentor feels that the friendship is one-sided, the benefits are not
limited to the person involved in the friendship. The mentor friend
benefits from this new type of friendship as much as the disciple,
from the personal joy of helping a friend to the professional
enthusiasm of leaving a legacy.

The best part is that after the day’s work is over, you can both
move on from work to play and celebrate the progress of both.

What to look for in a friend

If you consider one of your friends to be a mentor or potential
friend, you need to think about what you need, what they can bring to
your professional and personal growth, and what qualities a
successful mentor should possess.

Our infographic below allows you to examine some questions to
determine whether your friend would be a perfect and effective

Is this the beginning of a good friendship?

While professionals can certainly take care of themselves, having a
mentor can prove invaluable in helping you deal with the complexities
of today’s working life. Whether you already have a friend in mind
or look to a friend as a potential mentor, the benefits of having
someone support you in your endeavors and encourage you along the way
are undeniable.

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4 thoughts on “A Mentor And A Friend-Love

  1. Yeah, I agree. I think mentoring is a great way how to socialize and even bond with other people in your respective line of work. And, indeed, it’s all about helping others to become promising experts and just good people, and, essentially, helping the world be a better place.

    I hadn’t thought about how powerful mentoring a friend can be before this article. But it makes so much sense. To me, it kind of sounds like the next level of a friendship. I mean, it means more to trust someone who is already your friend with your weaknesses, shortcomings, and pitfalls. Personally, I really like the fact that in this kind of relationship the mentor also benefits greatly. Which is, even more, the reason why we should do it this way if that’s possible.

    Thank you. I really appreciate the thought. 🙂

    1. Mentor and friend stand out, it means a lot.

      The advice of such a man means a lot.

      We want to grow and the pitfalls are great and a mentor can support us.



  2. I feel like everyone needs a mentor in their life, be it a friend or a family member. It should be someone who you look up to. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family as I feel like they will benefit from it. It is also a great read so thank you for this 

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