Email Marketing Best Practices 2021-News

Email Marketing Best Practices 2021 1. Send Welcome Email   The welcome email is the most effective message you can send.   Based on the latest data, average open rates exceed 80% and click rates are around 22-25%.   If someone enters an incorrect email address, the welcome email will be sent back. It then notifies your email provider to […]

What Good is Quora-A New Look

  I Wonder what Good is Quora Quora means: “To ask questions and get answers to the problems that interest us.” A gold mine for our site. Quora answers automatically go to: 1) Twitter; 2) Facebook. Quora Utility What do I answer: 1) Lots of information; 2) A question to the person (= interaction). That’s how we get followers. The […]

Email Marketing: ce inseamna si cum se foloseste

Email Marketing: ce inseamna si cum se foloseste Email marketing este cel mai puternic instrument de publicitate disponibil pe internet, prin care poți crea și mențin contactul cu potențialii clienților, prieteni, admiratori, colegi etc. Scopul acestui articol este de a oferi primele elemente de bază pentru înțelegerea tehici de e-mail, marketing pentru începători. Continut Ce inseamna Email Marketing? Cum faci […]

About Vasile

My story 11.06.2021 Vasile Being an affiliate is something that is close to me. My name is Vasile and I am a growing affiliate. . I really like the world of affiliates and I am a student in the affiliate marketing industry since 2021, when I started. I have no experience, I do not brag about dessert and you can […]