Developing a Strong Will


Many people believe that if they had more of this mysterious thing called will, they could make their lives better. With greater self-control, we will all eat well, exercise regularly, refrain from drugs and alcohol, save for retirement, no longer hesitate, and achieve all sorts of extraordinary goals.

What is a will?

Willpower is the ability to make conscious decisions. We all have free will and make our own decisions, even if they have to obey the orders of others.

There is no desire for flowers. Animals have a certain will. People have it easier because they think better and can make informed decisions.

If something can be done “at will”, it means that you can act independently at any time. In the case of obstacles, more willpower is needed.

A person may be
described as “stubborn” if he does not readily comply with
the demands or orders of others. They do whatever they want, breaking
rules and laws, without worrying about what others might think
(except perhaps enjoying a sense of control).

Desire is related to
desire. If you really don’t want something, your desire to succeed is
less likely. This is reflected in the saying “A weak heart never
wins a beautiful woman”. On the other hand, when you have a
strong desire, it is more likely to last.

What is a Willpower ?


Willpower is the
motivation to exercise. A strong-willed person will enforce his
decisions even in the presence of strong resistance or other
conflicting indicators. A person with little willpower will easily
give up.

It takes willpower to
get what you want, whether you are doing something or doing other
things for you. To be successful, you first need to know what you
want. Then you have to be determined to apply it even in extreme

Will and power are
closely related, because to exercise will mean to exercise power.
Powerful people often have what appears to be a strong will, although
this is often the result of trust that creates power, not directly
from power. In return people with strong forts increase their power

How do you develop

Plan Ahead

Give your cravings a break
by deciding ahead of time – plan your menu for the entire week and
even prepare some meals in advance. How to avoid impulsive stops at
fast food restaurants on the way home from work. Before going to a
party or restaurant, decide how much and how much alcohol you have to
drink. Don’t try to squeeze exercise into what’s left at the end of
the day. Instead, schedule it on your calendar at the beginning of
each week or plan to go with a friend so you’re more likely to meet
that commitment.

Avoid Temptation

When trying to stop
drinking, stay away from events where drinking is the main activity.
When your willpower is tested, try to avoid doing what you want to do
or distract yourself with something else that doesn’t stop you from
achieving your goals.

Strengthen your Will

Mindfulness meditation can
improve your self-control and help you act on purpose rather than
habit or desire. Physical and mental fatigue can reduce your will

Reward Yourself

When you hit a milestone,
celebrate with something that doesn’t hold you back. Take a walk in
the park after passing a tough test. Buy a new dress after losing 20
pounds. Get a pedicure after running 3 miles.

Get help from others.
Join a group of runners. Find a hiking companion. Plan a meal with
your spouse.

Feed Your Brain

Skipping meals is bad
for your brain and even worse when you want to learn how to improve
your will power. The brain is our decision-making muscle, and its
ability to give us the will to make the right decisions depends on
our ability to receive adequate nutrition.

We need to eat
regularly, ideally low glycemic index foods, healthy proteins,
vegetables and complex carbohydrates in order to avoid glucose levels
(combined with sweets and simple carbohydrates) that drop

Use of Dark Chocolate
to Increase Energy

Sometimes we find
ourselves in a situation where we need to take a quick decision and
find it difficult if we have not learned to increase our will power.
A piece of dark chocolate provides a small boost of energy that helps
our brain make decisions.

Good Night And Sleep

Rest lowers the body’s
need for glucose and enables us to make better use of what we have.
A reasonable rest period is usually 7 to 8 hours per night for an
adult and 10 to 12 hours per night for a child.

10 Minute Meditation

Meditation will give
you the fastest results of all the exercises listed. By meditating,
you train the brain to focus and resist the urge to wander. Research
has shown that after just 2-3 days of meditation for 10 minutes, your
brain will be able to focus better, have more energy, and be less

To get started with
10-minute mindfulness, check out this online program. It gives you
all the benefits of mediation as well as a simple exercise specially
designed for beginners.

Work on your Posture

To test whether
willpower can be strengthened, researchers asked a group of
participants to work on their posture over a 2-week period. Whenever
he was caught bowing down, he had to sit up straight and correct
himself. This simple exercise greatly improved his stamina in
various such tests.

To get started, set your position while bending over at work or at home. It sounds so simple, but it takes willpower to stand up straight. Every time you do this, you are essentially doing a “repetition” of your own free will.


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4 thoughts on “Developing Strong Will-It is the Key in Many Situations

  1. Vasile, this is a good write-up. I struggle with keeping myself on track with projects that I am working on because it is too easy to have the “will” to not do the things that are a big priority for me in order to achieve the goals that I have set for myself…

    What do you do to hold yourself accountable to have more willpower in your day-to-day life? I know the things I must do in order to create the habitual process of having the willpower I need but I wonder if there are other things besides maybe meditation and the general health choices of getting better sleep and eating well… I understand that, but what else could someone do? Maybe there are apps or other sources to go deeper into the topic?

    Again, great write-up! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Maybe what I was most passionate about

      training fully automated habits. It’s a lot of work, a lot of training, a process in which the will grows.

      Every Monday I hardened my will: an example is the use of the left hand (I being right-handed).

      I managed to use my left hand as well as my right in any activity.



  2. I am a great believer of the power of the mind in developing willpower and was so glad to see you included mindfulness meditation  as a way to develop control of the will. Using that along with your suggestions to plan ahead and avoid needless temptations are also a great way to increase willpower.

    Thanks for an informative article. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more of your posts.

    1. We are both passionate about the study of the will.

      It’s a vast subject.

      The practical application is even harder and wonderful.



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