Fight The Doubts


Most of the time we are stuck
in life and our progress and opportunities stop, these are the times
when we are controlled by our own doubts. These doubts mainly arise
when we are trying to accomplish a mission called “success in
life” in which we are trying to be professional, personal or

It is normal for us to
come across many intersections in our journey and we have to decide
in which direction to go. There is no fixed path in life, and our
journey is the sum of all the paths we have taken and the choices we
make. I think then we are afraid that one wrong path will ruin
everything, and that doubt can paralyze us and make no decision. I
guess everyone experiences this situation at some point in their
life, but how do you go about it when in doubt?

We all have dreams, and
our dreams can sometimes fade when we are faced with unforeseen
circumstances in life, but for most of us our dreams rarely go by.
You are never too old to dream or create a new dream for yourself.
Our daily life is constantly filled with thoughts. We all want to
heed these thoughts to figure out what the next step should be. To
find out if you’re in the right place, choose the right partner,
second apartment or maybe even best friends if you can have the job
of your dreams. We all have doubts in our heads and we wish nothing
stood out except the voice in our head as the voice of intuition
whispering to us what our next step should be.

One of the main reasons
for doubt is undoubtedly fear. Fear makes us doubt ourselves, and
when we live in fear we tend to doubt ourselves even more, which
creates even more fear. Until we reach a dead end known as
analytical paralysis, in which the fear of making decisions is
overwhelming because we have doubts about our decision-making.

How to fight the

new idea

1– Practice

When doubts keep you
from taking the leap in your career or any other area of your
life, remember that we are all human helpers. When we doubt our
abilities, it is often because we do not want to leave any room for
error. However, mistakes are also our way of learning and growing.
We can reduce doubts and fear of failure by being kind to ourselves,
regardless of the outcome.

2- Remember your past

Do you remember when
you were afraid to do something in school or at work, but it turned
out really well? It helps to think of concrete achievements were
something difficult has turned into something big for us. Many
achievements have arisen out of initial uncertainty or doubt. It
helps us remember a time when things were going well, as well as it
may be in the present moment.

On the other hand, it
is good not to focus too much on the past or past failures that we
may have had. The present moment is a new opportunity to fix it,
even if things didn’t go well the first time.

3- Don’t compare
yourself to others

They say comparison is
the thief of joy. This saying rings true in many ways. When you
doubt yourself because you fear you’re not doing something on the
same level as someone else, it can be a crippling feeling. Every
person’s path to success and ideas are different. What we control
and what we can focus on is our own path and were we want to go, no
matter were others are or what they are doing.

4- Be mindful of your

When negative thoughts
occur, it is sometimes difficult to identify them because we become
used to them. Imposter syndrome feeds on negative thoughts that tell
us we don’t deserve were we are or that we’re not going to do a good
job. The next time these thoughts can persist, take some time and
ask yourself if you really believe they are true. Think about how
positive thinking can change the way you think and make you more
confident in your skills.

5- Spend time with the
support staff

When you have doubts
about yourself, surround yourself with these people. They can be a
reminder of how talented and resilient you are when you’re not
feeling the same way about yourself.

6- Receive confirmation
from within

While it is good to
feel that others reassure us that we are doing a good job or doing a
difficult job, it is just as important as having confidence in
ourselves. There is no point in constant silence if we don’t already
believe in ourselves. Even if we don’t know were we stand, it’s
good to practice accepting our strengths and what we have to offer.

7- Remember that you
are the harshest critic

Do you want to doubt
the friend who took a new job or doubt your child’s upbringing as
much as you doubt yourself? The answer is probably no. We will
always be staunch critics of ourselves. It’s a good thing to treat
others with the same kindness and compassion instead of being so
critical of ourselves.

Make up your mind and
fix your course as you go.

Getting bogged down in
a decision is another surefire way to sow the seeds of doubt. It is
very easy to get caught up in trying to make a decision. This
thought process can increase doubts in deciding to go for option A or
option B.

What is its treatment?
Make up your mind now! Usually your first reaction is the best
because it usually comes from intuition rather than arrogance and
before strange opinions get in your way.

8. Write your own
handwritten letter.

Sometimes a kind word
or compliment from someone can lift me out of my depression, and I’m
sure you’ve been through a situation were someone just made your day
easier for you.

But what if you feel
hopeless and insecure and there is no one to pick you up? Well,
there will always be someone to make you happy, and that is you. One
great exercise I recommend is to write yourself a handwritten letter.

That negative,
suspicious, scary part of ourselves is our Dark Side, and we all have
one. And just as we have a shadow, we also have a bright side, a
positive, optimistic, and productive selves.

9. Listen and/or read
positive content daily.

One of my quick ways to
boost my confidence in no time is to listen to some of my favorite
self-help books.

10. Write a gratitude
journal at the end of each day.

It is much easier to
indulge in compassion and focus on what we do not have rather than
what we do have. Activating these feelings will only lead to a
situation of empty handedness.

Instead of focusing on
what you lack, focus on what you have and what you have achieved. It
fosters a sense of gratitude, and if you invest energy in gratitude
now, you will find that you will be rewarded in the future.

The feeling of gratitude
puts you in a positive mood. When you feel positive, you feel good.
And when you feel good, good things happen.

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8 thoughts on “Fight The Doubts-The Best Options

  1. I am always doubting myself. I want to do something but I always overthink everything. This is why I believe that this article came at the right time. Thank you so much for this. I have picked up a few tips that I will incorporate into my everyday life. Thank you so much for this

    1. Returning to an important thing leads to a fully automated habit.

      A fresh look at something important always helps meditation.



  2. The topic of this blog post is good.  The suggestions you list for fighting fear are excellent, and you have divided them in a way that is easy to read.

    It is human nature to try to avoid making mistakes by playing it sate, staying in our comfort zone.  We have to take risks and sometimes fail in order to grow as a person.

    I like your suggestion about remembering occasions in the past when tough decisions have led to outstanding achievement.  I wish I had kept a diary for the last 50 years so I could do just that.

    Our culture fosters the practice of comparing ourselves to others.  It takes determination to avoid falling into that trap.

    Surrounding yourself with positive people is a much more challenging task, possibly the most complicated of all your suggestions.  We build relationships in a lot of ways, and sometimes, once built, they can turn sour.  Extricating yourself from a relationship like that is painful.

    Thank you for the helpful post.

    1. Liberation from a bad habit comes by forming a new habit, as strong as the previous one.

      The fight against fear is terrible, we must become fearless!



  3. There are several good ideas here. I will start by writing a gratitude journal at the end of each day. During this pandemic, I have been reading a lot. And positive content has been most of the material I have been going through. I know I am my hardest critic. So, having a positive stance can make a big difference.

  4. I really appreciate this post as I feel I am in such scenario. I always work hard to achieve my dreams. But always get hit by a road block. And when this occurs, I usually doubt myself and start to question myself by saying why did I made that decision in the past? How am I going to change things around? Like the tips you mentioned and I will make use of them.

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