The research of a beginner

Finding Alexa rank I recalled my experience with keywords.

Alexa Rank

I can say for sure that I didn’t know anything about keywords

(I thought it was as inspiring as poets or writers).

I kept hearing about it but it was a nebula for me.

Kyle site

Powerful quotes for me

I saw something practical in an “Online Money” course on an site or something.

Then on they had a keyword tool but it was unclear to me.

I also used the keywords on the site: Commission Academy,

but it was already related to Wealthy Affiliate and used Jaaxy in which I got started.

That’s how I came to with Kyle’s article as a review on

Most of all I learned and studied about keywords while learning lessons at

Wealthy Affiliate and writing my articles on my money making site.

1)Alexa rankings display several metrics. These include Alexa traffic rank,

Traffic Rank in US, Sites Linking in, and, within their charts, you can see

the different fields that you can graph out your website history (see example chart below)

2)Another concern is the fact that the toolbar is considered to be “adware”

by MacAfee while Symantec another major anti-virus program considers

the toolbar “trackware” because of the nature of how it works

(it tracks and stores all of your web activities). If you have it installed,

you can best bet that all of your activities are being tracked and

the data you are using it for really is deemed quite useless,

because it is not real traffic data.

3)In my test, Website A was getting 20,000+ unique visitors per day,

and Website B was getting just over 1,000+ uniques per day. In other

words Website A was getting 20 times the traffic of Website B, yet

the Alexa rank had Website B getting double the traffic within their reporting!??

4)The “Get Certified Metrics” is a service where you have to pay to give

Alexa your accurate data. Shouldn’t they be paying you for this?

You will see absolutely no value from doing this and if you are

even remotely interested in taking advantage of this, please do save your money.

5)I hope this has added some clarity to the whole Alexasphere and

if you do have anything in addition to add, any Alexa experiences o

r any questions about any of this content, drop me a note below

and I will be more than happy to discuss.



7)I needed to go through a day looking into what things are for the last

advance. It was a piece of time-consuming. Alexa experiences some difficulty

hearing your voice once in a while, so that can be somewhat disappointing. I

suggest Alexa for independent ventures where you needn’t bother with many customizations.

Else, I plan for an impressive future organization should execute their


Review Alexa

8)I recommend Alexa for small businesses where you don’t need much customization. Otherwise, I think big companies should implement their own tools.(


Great software for providing competitive analysis data and tracking web performance over time. We use a few months out the year to provide competitive analysis and to look for areas of opportunity.

Erin E.


It allows to check the background of the domain, but the data can be misleading.

Anonymous Reviewer


Compare Alexa

I can say this clearly

10)To check my bank card, charged me $ 1 this morning as soon as I signed up with them.

11)I did some checking to compare and I don’t know how to use very well. But is useful for me, it’s even cheaper being included in Wealthy Affiliate.

2 thoughts on “Find the rank of Alexa – a research of a beginner

  1. Occasionally I use Alexa to check the performance of different websites. 

    I like the tool since it even shows what keywords other articles try to rank for. 

    That is good for inspiration. 

    You also mention Jaaxy. I am quite familiar with Jaaxy   – but back to the Alexa. 

    Is there a Keyword Research Tool within Alexa available for free? 
    Or Do I need to upgrade (become a member) in order to use that tool. 

    Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you very much!

      I didn’t find the keyword finding tool in Alexa.

      Jaaxy is the best performer for that, I think.



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