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Google Analytics Show

I show here exactly how I installed Google Analytics WordPress code, the difficulties I faced.

First I registered Sign in the top right on, I register and start.

You no longer need email and password (I already have them; I forgot).

First Create an Account

Account name | –

Do not check V

Then check 3 times




Click before

Name: My Big Email Marketing

Romania V

GMT + 03.00 Romanian Time V

Money: $

Give me

1) Small company 1-10 employees

How I use

1) Measuring customer interaction with the site and applications cl.

Create cl.



I accept cl. V





Save to the right.

For Web click

Site URL | – paste (after copy)

Feed Name | – My Big Email Marketing

Top address without “https: //”

Create in left click flow

Measurement code first copy

Dashboard (in WordPress)

1) Appearance

7) Header click

It is?

I can’t find him.

I Can’t Find the Code


Find in Wealthy Affiliate “header php”

There are many clicks.

I choose a “Google Analytics Help”

It is and I read once.

It was not where I was looking but in All in One SEO to place the code


Google settings

1) General Settings

I can not find.

Or Webmaster Tools click

Google Analytics click

Manage Google Analytics.

Miscellaneous Verification

| –

select-> copy-> cod

I can’t find the code.

Analytics is not the code on the site. cod

How to code click

It is: 1) Sign in

2) click “Admin”

3) “Tracking info”

Select “Tracking code”

This Video “How do I get my Google Analytics cod”

He has 3 minutes.

I see it on YouTube: https: //

It’s an update in Google Analytics and without it you can’t get the code.

A + click on the top left of the Google Analytics site

1) Create account

Text Vasile Eu

| – Property

1) Show Advance Options

Create property O-> pull to the right

V Create universal

Site URL | -…


Like wise V 1-10 employees tick

V engagement click





Terms and V

“Tracking code” tracking details

And at the bottom left click V

Administrator elect

+ Create an account left top

Name: your name

The country…

1) Display advanced click options

Create universal property O0 | -> right click.

I’m writing | – site …

A universal click creation

And check 1-10 workers



I tick you again 3 times

Click Create

The Terms appear

I agree

I accept click again

Evrika is like in the video!

Select-> Copy-> Paste There


5) All in One SEO

1) General settings

2) Webmaster Tool click

Google Analytics


Save Changes

To the left


Visit site click me

Active users

1 is visible.

Save downstairs.

In The End

Wealthy Affiliate show


This is the history of installing Google Anaytics if you like

click here

6 thoughts on “Google Analytics WordPress Code-Application History

  1. Great content. Very helpful. As I am also on the endeavour to pursue in affilliate marketing. Google analytics can definitely be a crucial part to manage your website. 

    I also had difficulties finding my code and getting it set up. Thank u for this helpful site to help me navigate further.

    1. Vă mulțumim că ați răspuns rapid și că l-ați găsit util.

      M-am chinuit mult în această lecție.

      De aceea am decis să fac un articol din el. Și exact cum am primit asta.

      Cu respect


      1. Thank you for responding quickly and finding it useful.

        I struggled a lot in this lesson.

        That’s why I decided to make an article out of it. And exactly how I received this.


  2. Hi Varsile
    Thank you for sharing this useful content. Having Google Analystic is a must when creating a website. Without it it’s impossible to see how much traffic you get and from where it comes. Apart from that there are so many great features that you can use to make things so much easier. No matter how many times I  set up Google analytics I always get lost and make mistakes. Thank you again for sharing this post it will help a lot of people

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