How To Change Your Life For The Better

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Here are some ways to change your life for the better:


Travel The World

If possible, plan some trips.  OK, you may not have the time or money to tour the world, but it’s certainly a no-brainer that “travel expands the mind”.  If you can’t handle this worldwide backpacking trip, instead of settling in one destination for the usual two weeks, consider moving to a faraway place, where the experience is completely different, maybe even life-changing.


      Change job


If your job frustrates you, change it.  The only thing holding you back from finding something you enjoy more is you.  If people could put as much energy into finding a new job as they complained about, they could completely change their lives.  Your workplace is where you spend a lot of time, so it’s important to be as happy there as possible.


      Sell your house


Your home and its affordability may be one of your biggest concerns, so removing those concerns from the equation would be an easy solution.  Do you really need that extra bedroom when you can easily find one in a tiny house?  Downsizing and moving to a smaller (and probably cheaper) property will make management a lot easier, take away one of your main concerns, and potentially free up some cash so you can have a little fun.


      Voluntary work


Volunteering makes us feel good about ourselves while we do something practical to help others.  Volunteering also essentially means getting more opportunities to get to know other people.  Perhaps you’re considering volunteering on an overseas project in a third world country, which will surely impress your prospects, or you could spend a few hours a week helping a senior person with their purchases.  Either way, the realization that you are more fortunate than others in your community service will make a deep and lasting impression on you.


      Change your routine



A regular routine can be a safe option, but it can also make your life a little more exciting.  Try changing something in your routine, such as: B. Take a different route or way to go to work.  If you’re one of those people who says, “I can’t do this Tuesday because I usually…” break that cycle and try to do things more spontaneously.  Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you have to fish all the time!


      Have a goal




Always keep a goal in mind, whether it is to save money for a new car, travel the world or achieve a professional ambition.  If you have nothing to look forward to, you can quickly get stuck and just live to do things and not vice versa.  Setting a goal to work will keep you motivated and help avoid slipping and stalling.  So make sure you always have a specific goal in mind.


      Do something that scares you


Nothing makes you feel better than overcoming fear by facing a challenge.  If there’s something you’ve always loved doing but were too scared to do, do it!  For example, there are many people who have taken skydiving and described jumping off an airplane as a “life-changing experience” and then taking on challenge after challenge out of excitement.


      Write your autobiography


Writing your own life will inevitably make you think, including the things that went well so far and the things that didn’t.  While this doesn’t necessarily make you want to teach it to others (although if you do you can help others understand it better!), it will help you reevaluate your life and think about it.  In which direction is your life going?  It can also be a great way to take out some of your demons and strengthen your faith.


      Be more active


If your lifestyle is returning home from work and breaking down in front of the TV every night, it may be time to change course.  Of course, we’re not necessarily talking about becoming an Olympian, but we suggest you get more active.  You can easily bring some exercise into your day on foot, for example by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  And with a tough workout, you’ll probably be feeling healthier in no time.


      Get a new look


Your image can be the only thing that holds you back and makes you lose confidence.  If you have been looking the same tired for a long time, then you might want to make some changes in the way you look.  Spend some cash on yourself and get a new hairstyle, buy a new wardrobe, and do things that make you feel special.  It’s amazing how much more comfortable and confident you can feel in certain clothes when pushing yourself, so push yourself more often!


      Sleep more / less


Some people don’t get enough sleep while others get too much sleep, which leads to constant tiredness.  Getting the right amount of sleep helps you wake up more, and you can get things done and make the most of your waking hours.  An added benefit of less sleep is that you can better optimize your day.  Because as the saying goes: “When you die you can sleep”


      Change your diet


“You are what you eat” is a popular phrase, and your diet can be making you feel terrible.  Changing just a few things can have positive health effects, give you more energy and make you feel better overall.  Of course, there’s a lot of advice out there (some contradictory!), but in general, the best solution is to eat everything in moderation.  Also, make sure you’re drinking enough water and eating your five servings of fruits and vegetables, two golden rules you should follow.


      Change your perspective


If you have negative thoughts all the time, you will feel the same way!  Smiling a lot and being positive makes you a more optimistic person.  It has been said that people tend to be as happy as possible and if you can put negative thoughts aside and be more optimistic, it will reflect your outlook on life in general.  There is even evidence that people who smile a lot actually live longer!


      Friends change


There are people who can drag you down or use you as an emotional crutch for their negativity.  We want to be there when people need us, but we don’t need to be on their level.  Maybe some people are just bad for you and there are so many negative vibes around you that you don’t want to hear them.  If so, don’t challenge yourself and make new friends instead!


      Continue reading


Books are often a great source of inspiration and new ideas and can often have a huge impact on you.  There are people who swear by certain ideas in a book and actually live their lives based on them.  Biographies of people who have overcome insurmountable odds or blows of fate befall us all can often be a great inspiration and even inspire you to make life-changing decisions.


      Buy a pet


It is believed that keeping pets has health benefits such as: B.  It helps lower blood pressure and is good for your general mood.  Owning a pet, especially a dog, adds to the activity as they need to be taken with them for regular exercise.  Pets can also help reduce your stress and anxiety by promoting laughter and loving behavior.


I really like it and I want it to be a conclusion:
“In the head is not life but only the whim of life.

Life is in the heart and only that which starts from the heart,

changes the movements of life!”


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8 thoughts on “How To Change Your Life For The Better-From the heart

  1. Hi Vasile. This is a great list of things to change in order to change your life. I love this topic as it is something close to my own heart as I have a site about the law of attraction and how understanding this can change your reality. This article reminds me of the adage “If you always do what your’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” which is very true. In order to get different results, we need to do something different and your list gives us numerous examples of things we can change to get ourselves started. I would suggest that people start small, like changing music or going on a walk and work up to the bigger stuff when they can. Thanks again for your insight. 

    1. Yes, yes with small things you have to start little by little

      Towards little by little and continuously.

      Thanks for the wonderful thoughts!



  2. What starts in the heart can change our life and have lasting effects. Since this year began I have been considering what I can do to bring some changes. And as you have mentioned, there are simple things we can immediately put in practice like changing our daily routine. I also want to travel, but that takes more planning.
    Your post has inspired me and given me fresh ideas. Thank you very much!

    1. Yes, yes the daily routine is hard to change, at first small changes and little by little and constantly the miracle happens!

      Thank you so much for what you said!



    2. It is a very important and very difficult subject.
      It’s very hard to change one bad habit, but 10!
      Thank you very much for your beautiful and helpful words!

  3. Hi Vasile,

    I loved reading your post. It resonates, as I am always looking for positive ways to change my life. You have laid out some great and inspiring tips to follow. Some tips can be started today, while others like traveling, would most likely have to be planned. Again, I really enjoyed the post. I found each helpful, eye opening, and encouraging. Keep up the great content!


    1. Yes, yes the daily routine is hard to change, at first small changes and little by little and continuously the miracle happens!
      Thank you very much for what you said!

    2. Yes, yes the daily routine is hard to change, at first small changes and little by little and continuously the miracle happens!
      Thank you very much for what you said!

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