How To Delete All Unread
Emails In Gmail


Gmail was started in 2004 by giving 1 GB storage space to its users.
This doubled to 2GB in 2005 and to 15GB today. Why? Junk email and
spam email are coming to our mailbox.


It’s hard to keep track of every email that arrives in your
inbox. Gmail also offers a storage purchase solution that lets you
buy 100GB per month for less than $5, an option.


Now it seems impossible to delete more than 50 emails at a
time. This is because Gmail only shows 50 emails on a page and you
can no longer choose. What if you have thousands of unread emails
that you know are unimportant and spam?


Depending on how long you’ve been using Gmail, you may have
heaps of thousands of emails that you don’t want to read. Many
people will ignore this and find that their inbox is messed up.


How to Delete All Unread Emails in Gmail


In an instant you want to get rid of emails that aren’t worth
the time to read. Fortunately, Gmail has some useful features to
make debugging email easier.


Let us see how to easily delete all your unread emails in


How do I delete all my unread emails at once?


There are two easy methods you can use to bulk-delete Gmail
messages. You can use custom filters or Gmail labels.


We’ll see how to use one of the solutions to clean up your


use filter


Before deleting your unread email, you need to make sure that
you don’t delete the most important email. Fortunately, these emails
are marked as important, which makes them very easy to identify.


After making sure you’ve read all your important emails,
here’s what to do to get rid of all unnecessary emails in minutes:


Open the desktop version of Gmail and go to your inbox.


Click the gear icon in the top right, then click Show all


Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab, then click Create
New Filter.


To see all your unread emails, type in the words that have
tags: unread. Then click Create Filter and confirm creation by
clicking OK when the context menu appears.


Here are some options for you. Select the check box next to
Delete to delete all unread emails, and the check box next to Apply
filters to matching XXX conversations to delete all unread emails.


Go to Create Filters and then refresh the page. All your
unread emails should be deleted.


It is important to mention that this will delete your unread
emails as soon as they appear. If you leave the filter active, it
will be automatically removed every time you receive an email.
Therefore, do not forget to remove the filter when it is not needed.


use only labels


If you want to more easily delete all your emails, you can
enter the tag: unread filter directly into the search bar on the
Gmail homepage. This will show all your unread emails and
conversations from all folders.


Then all you have to do is check the Select All box in the top
left corner and hit the trash can icon above your email. This will
delete all the emails on one page. Depending on the platform you are
using, you can have 50 or 100 emails on a single page. This will
only extract emails from this page.


To delete them all, click Select all conversations matching
this search option and all your unread emails will be deleted.


What about smartphones?


If you’ve been using the Gmail app on your Android or iPhone,
there’s good and bad news. The good news is that the filtering
feature works just like the desktop version, and you can type tags
into the search bar.


How to Delete Multiple Emails at Once from Gmail


Follow these steps to delete multiple emails or multiple
emails from Gmail at once.


In the Gmail for Android app, open the folder that contains
the emails you want to delete. If you don’t see the app on your
device, download the Gmail app from Google Play.


To the left of each email you want to delete the icon you want
to delete, or long-press the email to select it.


At the top right of the screen, tap the Delete icon .


Checkbox for email, remove button in Gmail app on Android


There’s no way using the Gmail app for Android to select all
the messages in a folder. To delete all Gmail emails, access your
account using a web browser.


How to Quickly Delete Individual Emails from Gmail


You can swipe an email to delete multiple messages at once.
You don’t even have to open an email to click the delete icon.


To delete Gmail messages by setting up a swipe action:


In the top left of Gmail, tap the three horizontal lines, then
scroll down and select Settings.


Go to General Settings and tap on Scan Actions.


Next to Swipe Right or Left, tap Edit (this is the direction
you want to swipe to delete your email).


Select Remove from the list that appears.


Edit button, Delete check box and swipe right to delete in
Android Gmail app


Tap the back arrow to return to your email, then slide your finger
in the appropriate direction (left or right) to delete the email.



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