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no. 1


Keyword research makes the
difference between success and failure in the modern world of
specialized websites.

A great keyword
researcher can rank quickly with little effort. Someone who hasn’t
done their homework can spend months or even years working on a
project that never quite gets off the ground.

It would not be an
exaggeration to say that keyword research is the backbone of websites
today. And you must not use substandard tools or your competition
will blow you away.

Keyword research is
essential for any website that wants to get free search engine
traffic. Without proper keyword research (and topic research), you
are blindly stealing. Each post will be an “estimate” of
what your target audience is looking for and how many are looking for
it! Even if you know your niche well, a keyword tool can help you
find new or related phrases that can target you specifically. It can
also give you some insight into which pages are likely to generate
the most traffic so that you can decide where to focus your marketing

Frequently used Jaaxy

keyword data

Using it is the most
obvious. This is at the heart of keyword research. Getting good
keywords means that you know which topics are getting the most
traffic and which are the ones with the lightest rankings. This is a
good topic to cover, so it is covered in more detail below.

Alphabet soup


Basically, it confuses
your keyword with any letter in the alphabet for possible search

Then you end up with
different phrases like “send flowers online Antwerp Belgium”,
“send flowers online PayPal” and “send pink flowers
online”. (It also mixes your keyword position with added
letters so you get tons of related searches and can appear in
basically endless post titles like:

Saved lists

You can also sell
keyword lists or use them for your PPC campaigns (more on this in the
video below). You can export as a .txt or .csv (spreadsheet) file
and also choose which keyword data to include.

Site ranking

By checking your
website’s ranking and keeping a log, you can determine whether the
changes made to your website have worked well. You can track data
(ie, spy on your competition) from any site and see who’s in front of
you. Enter a keyword and domain and you will see your ranking

Research analysis

Know who is ranking for
your desired keywords and what they are ranking for. Check out a
list of popular Web 2.0 property and article directories that perform
well in SERPs like YouTube, Vimeo, Squidoo, Hubpages, and more.

Not only does this give
you an idea of ​​what your competition is using to rank, but it
also shows you why they’re not ranking and you can use that to your
advantage. For example, if you don’t have a YouTube video rating,
you can create one. It should be easily classified.

Alternatively, look at
what your competition isn’t doing to get a feel for what you can do
with your Page to beat them.

Here are many things
you can do with the help of Jaaxy:-

Discover Jaaxy site and

Jaaxy has many features
that you can use to rank your website, improve it, and better
understand your competition. Jaaxy can reverse engineer any website
and get all the relevant data about your content strategies.

Site Ranking

A big part of your
keyword research strategy is analyzing whether your efforts are
successful. To do this, you also need to constantly review your
SERP. However, it can be difficult to tell where you are in search

Site ranking is one of
the most powerful features of Jaaxy which allows you to analyze your
website and its ranking. In SiteRank, you can enter any keyword or
URL to get data on the ranking performance of the site. Jaaxy will
immediately perform an anonymous search and notify you of your

Site ranking

The results are
displayed in positions that tell you your ranking in all search
engines. According to Jaaxy, the range works well when the position
is below 50. Jaaxy will also let you know where your results are
likely to be. You can analyze rankings from Google, Bing and Yahoo!

The platform here has
an advanced tool that analyzes the performance of pages over time.
Users can also set how often Jaaxy should track each keyword and
domain. If the ranking of the website changes, you will be
automatically notified within the platform. This is a great way to
track historical ranking trends to understand and master SEO.

Research Analysis

As Jaaxy says, this
feature helps you “spy” your competition. You can enter
keywords and select the required search engine to get results from
the first results matching your keywords. Currently, Jaaxy can
analyze Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In fact, it gives you
an overview of the search engine results page (SERP) in relation to
your search terms. If you tap Show Details, you’ll also see a few
more metrics like:

Article title, URL,
meta description and keywords

Keyword density

Number of words

Site link

Alexa Rank


You can see the domain
names of the pages and what parameters they use to get their ranking.
Any metric can point you in the right direction to beat a

Jaaxy does some kind of
backward analysis that you can use on your website. The first is to
do a competitive analysis before moving on to a particular content
idea. You can break down each competitor’s website and research what
your competition is doing so you can develop a strategy.

The second is to see
how your content is ranking and why. Combine the two methods and you
have an effective system to increase your SERP.

Jaaxy Niche Research

Although the niche
search feature is considered one of the core features of Jaaxy, it is
built into the other tools on the platform. By integrating
brainstorming, allied research and word research techniques, Jaaxy
can open doors to new places.

Each one provides you
with information and information on how you can benefit from a
category and use its possibilities.

Use brainstorm to find
the niche

As we’ve seen before,
brainstorms can suggest a variety of trending themes at the moment.
You’ll get new results every day and lots of different ideas for
products, niches and categories.

All you have to do is
add it to your brainstorming queue and then analyze the idea. In
addition, you can do a keyword analysis and limit yourself to
niche-specific ideas.

Use the Alphabet soup
to find niche

With so much research
being done every day, it’s easy to miss out on lucrative
opportunities. Alphabet Soup enables users to search for niches
easily and efficiently. It does this by finding relevant trends for
unexpected searches. As a result, you can generate new niche ideas
every day based on what your audience is looking for.

Use Affiliate Programs
to Search Niche


Essentially, affiliate
programs are designed to connect you to various partner opportunities
that you can use to your advantage. Jaaxy explores four popular
link-sharing platforms, Digital River, Commission Junction and

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  1. I used to use the tool keyword.io, but once I found Jaaxy, I never went back. Jaaxy is far superior and I use it to help me plan content that people are actively searching for. I have also used the alphabet soup method, like you mentioned, when I am stuck for ideas. I find it helps tremendously. What’s your ideal QSR rating?

    1. Wonderful what you share with me.

      And I used something else until Jaaxy.

      But with Jaaxy QSR under 100 I did much better.



  2. This sounds like a great tool for finding keywords for my posts!  I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before but I’m definitely interested in getting more traffic!  I especially like the alphabet soup feature because I could see if a slightly different phrase or keyword is a better option.  I also like that it saves my searches.  Thank you for posting this…I’m going to check it out!

    1. Thank you very much for finding the posts useful.

      Jaaxy is a very powerful instrument, I’m amazed at him.



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