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Google News is an information gathering service developed by Google.
It provides a constant flow of links to curated articles from
thousands of publishers and magazines. Google News is available as
an app for Android, iOS and the web.

Google News is a vertical search engine introduced by Alphabet
in 2002. Google search results, mostly news, are boxed prominently
in organic news search results.

For a website to appear as a snippet in Google News, it must
meet various technical and quality criteria and be listed on Google’s
Publisher News program. If a page appears in Google News, it can
usually generate significantly more traffic than traditionally
indexed websites.

How to Succeed at Google News

Here are some of the best practices and tips publishers use to
improve their success on Google News.

General Information

You can find a lot of useful information in the Google News
Help for Publishers. Make sure you read the content of this area,
especially its content and technical guidelines.

Title and dates

Present a clear title: Google News analyzes a variety of
signals to determine the title of an article, including its HTML
title tag and the most important text on the page. Check out our
headline tips.

Include specific dates and times: Google News tries to
determine when and when an article appears in a number of ways. You
can help us fix it by using the following methods:

Display Clear Date and Time – Display a clear and visible date
and time between the item title and text, following our date
guidelines. As much as possible, avoid displaying other data on the
page, such as: b. Related Stories.

Use Structured Dates: Use date published and date modified
schema and use correct time zone display for AMP or non-AMP pages.

Avoid artificially refreshing stories – If an article has
changed significantly, it may be a good idea to give it a new date
and time. However, do not artificially update a story without adding
meaningful information or any other compelling reason to update it.
Also, don’t create a slightly updated story from a previously
published story, then delete the old story and redirect it to the new
one. This is against the URL guidelines for our articles.

Double material

Google News strives to reward original, independent
journalistic content by recognizing the original publisher that both
users and publishers love. This means that we try not to allow
duplicate content, including checked out, rewritten, or newly
published content to outperform the original content. Based on this,
there are guidelines editors should follow:

Block checked-out content: Scratching usually refers to
pulling content from another website, often in an automated way.
Websites that fetch content should block content from Google News.

Block rewriting content: Rewrite takes content from another
website and then rewrites that content so that it is no longer the
same. Sites that are rewriting content in a way that does not
provide significant or obvious value should block the rewritten
content from Google News. It includes amendments that make very
minor changes or replace several words while maintaining the general
meaning of the original article.

Block or consider Canonical for newly published material:
Republication means when a publisher is permitted to republish an
original work from another publisher or author as cable service
material or in conjunction with other publications Meets.

Publishers who allow others to repost can help their original
versions perform better on Google News.

Google News also encourages those who republish content to
consider actively blocking that content or using authentic content so
that we can better recognize and appreciate the original content.

Avoid Duplicate Content – ​​If you have a network of
news sites sharing content, the reposting tips above apply to your
network. Select the original item you think is the original item and
consider blocking duplicates or tagging the original with Canonical.



Be transparent – ​​Visitors to your website want to
trust and understand who published them and who wrote the article.
For this reason, our content guidelines emphasize that content must
include clearly signed articles, information about the authors, and
contact details of the articles.

Don’t be misled: Our content policies do not allow any website
or account to impersonate an individual or organization, or to
misrepresent or conceal its assets or primary purpose. We do not
allow websites or accounts that participate in coordinated activities
to mislead users. This includes websites or accounts that
misrepresent or conceal their country of origin or forward content to
users in another country under false prerequisites.

More Tips

Avoid participating in linking programs: Avoid participating
in linking programs, which may include massive article marketing
programs or sales links exceeding PageRank. Please see our link
diagram page for more information.

Use structured data for rich presentations: Users of AMP and
non-AMP pages can use structured data to optimize their content for
rich results or carousel presentations.

Protect your users and their data: Consider securing all your
website pages with HTTPS to protect the integrity and confidentiality
of the data users exchange on your website. For more helpful advice,
see our Best Practices for Implementing HTTPS.

Google News Acceptance Terms

For a website to be properly included in Google News, there
are general and technical guidelines to be followed. If these are
met, Google can embed the Page in News:

News: All articles should report primarily on current events.

Original – All material presented must be original and cannot
be copied from other sources. Therefore, writers must create unique
content, although this may not be the case especially in news

Transparency: It is recommended that each published post
include the name of the author and contact details of the publisher.

No Misrepresentation: Google News must deal with true facts
and should not contain misrepresentation or false information. For
example, the network may vocalize itself against fake news.

Minimum Ad Rate: If a site is to be featured in the news, the
ad rate on the site should not be very high.

Sufficient text: So that a headline appears in News Search,
the associated text should not be too short. Google does not specify
the length of the text; However, the orientation is over 350 words

Ad-free: News articles must contain news in the form of a news
portal, not an advertisement for products or services.

Mobile Optimization – Submitted websites must also be
optimized for mobile devices.

Google refers to its general quality guidelines, which also
apply to news articles. Originally there were also message-specific
meta tags, but these are no longer supported.

Technical requirements include:

Clear URL: All articles must be accessible via a unique URL.

Own link: Google cannot read links to news articles via

HTML – Submission must be in HTML and not in PDF or other

Crawling and Indexing: Like other websites, news-optimized
websites should not be excluded from crawling by robots.txt.

What’s Important in Google News Optimization

In order to optimize a website for Google News, Google’s
content and technical recommendations must be followed. Otherwise
the application for membership is liable to be rejected.

It is not required, but it is recommended that you purchase a
sitemap from Google News. Typically, Google crawls all URLs of
articles published by a website within two days. Also remember that
the sitemap should not contain more than 1000 URLs. That’s what sets
it apart from traditional sitemaps.

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