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 I am looking for a business opportunity.

Post Q

We want to get web traffic. We need visitors to the site.

We have 2 methods for traffic:

1) free organic traffic;

2) claims.

Quora aTop Method

A top method of getting free traffic is Quora. A Q&A site, questions and answers.

Known on the globe. What is it? How do we use it?

We have here the best practices and top tips. We use Quora for traffic.

What is Quora?

Definition of Quora

Simply a site for questions and answers. Anyone can

 ask a question and people all over the world answer.

Why is this site so important?

It is very popular; has millions of visitors daily.

The idea of ​​using Quora for marketing

The idea is to access the site first. We answer the questions.

Spam in Quora

This is how we get traffic. First without spa

m in our answers.

We need to use best practices.

Basically how? The general idea is to give very good answers

 if we can put a link.

Image QuoraQuora image

Top right | – ask any o-

and we answer step by step.

At O-write “Email Marketing” Enter

We have all the results. Simply go and open. Right click-> Open New

 and answer.

Under e 1) Answer click answer.

You Write for Trust

It is very important not to write spam.

Give real value. Build trust. You have the responsibility of a good answer.

Do you answer all the questions?

Maybe, but we better run and by Time we choose 1) Past Hour we click.

This brings us to the last questions.

Be the first to answer!

The first to respond has the greatest advantage.

It is good to select and filter the latest questions and answers.

Open questions and write “What exactly is email marketing?”

Then click on 1) Answer and write, give a valuable answer.

Great Attention

2 things to remember: 1) Adding images. Questions + unique answers,

 you can see the importance of images in examples of answers.

2) Import video from Youtube, from the Youtube channel

 we choose a video we right click on it and we choose Copy link

 address then Paste

in response.

We have a built-in video. Very important.

Not 2,3 sentences but a real Article.

This way you get many visits on the Article, the bottom left is visible.

Lots of Views

In time you can get many visits: 1000 per month (others get

 one hour of work per day and 10,000 visits per day.

Quora questions can be ranked on Google.

What questions on Quora are ranked on Google?

With a site: SEMrush.com, we enter this site and on the left SEMrush.com

we choose Organic Research (you can test 7 days) on the right | –

 I write “quora.com” then I click = 57.8M visits on Quora monthly.

2) Position | – Filter by keyword scriem | – “email marketing” click si

related questions and ranking in Google.

We Go and Answer

You can go and answer and thus get organic traffic.

The question is on the left and on the right links and answer.

One principle is: to put 1 link to 5 published answers.
Also another tip is to send posts in spaces = Groups.
So we send articles to this space (a topic).

When searching O- we write “startap …” several appear;

 we choose for example “Startup Marketing + Grouth” is a group.

 And we answer the questions here.1 click Post O- and I write. 

So everyone in space sees the article.

In the End

This leads to:
1) views;
2) a lot of traffic.
Tip again: do not spam because you are immediately blocked.
I can put my articles as answers.
Answers with real value lead to:
1) Trust:
2) Brand building;
3) Knowledge by the world.
Plus using your links.
Share links as I said 1 link to 5 posts on Quora.
But not as a spammer.
This is how we build authority, ie high quality traffic.

See hereWealthy Affiliate

Very important for building the site.

5 thoughts on “Looking For a Business Opportunity-Quora Is

  1. I am always looking for ideas on how to get more visitors to my website, so to be able to use Quora, is a great idea. Does one have to be a member of Quora to answer questions? So do I have to sign up to Quora somewhere? 

    You mention that you link your posts to your answers, but how do you do that? Could you give me an example please of how to link without being spammy? Thanks.

    1. Vasile,

      I’m glad you found it useful. I struggled for about 4 days to write this article. Regards Vasile,

  2. Well Hello there! This is such a top article! Absolutely loved the information here.  Prior to now, I thought Quora was totally for Q&A. This is great information honestly! It will be of great benefits! I completely understand what you said, I will dive into this as fast as possible! If you don’t mind I would love to share this with friends too.

      1. Thank you for finding it useful.

        You can attach the blog post to a question, then put an affiliate link once in 5 posts, so as not to be spam.

        If it’s difficult, I’ll come back with details.



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