I Use MailChimp for my Email List


It is known that “Money is on the list”, it is widely used.

The best system is MailChimp for that.

Most sites in the field charge a monthly fee. MailChimp is free.

For less than 2000 subscribers and less than 12,000 emails per month.

That’s enough for a start.

When MailChimp is Useful

For more than 2000 subscribers we have to make a paid plan.

To register on the site we go to MailChimp.com.

You need a valid address and any commercial email.

It is also possible to rent a mailbox if you do not want to send the e-mail.

In the dashboard:

1) Burn the new list;

2) You can import emails from an old list.

How do people get on your list?

Your own domain is very good as email.

How to Use

MailChimp site


1) You can add +;

2) You can delete emails;

3) You can unsubscribe members.

If you click on a subscriber, you will get:

1) Details about the time zone when subscribing;

2) How to register;

3) How often do subscribers open the email.

This is done with a star rating.

We can create the registration form.

First check the email domain.

In Settings> Default campaigns> Default email.

From clicking Domain Verification = Solution pop-up configuration code to your email address.

We enter the verification code.

Click Verify.

On the registration form:

1) Own account;

2) Lists for multiple registration forms.

General form:

1) E-mail design;

2) URL of the registration form, a shortened URL;

3) It is a basic registration form;

4) Quick links to share on: Facebook and Twitter.

Very important forms for subscribers’ email.

The place is the sidebar of the page at the end of the blog post;

-or the top of the call to action;

-or basement.

Create an information campaign using the list.

1) Select the template;

2) Pull and place the pot stand;

3) I code my own template to upload it.

They can do:

1) Periodic publication on the site;

2) Very good RSS campaigns;

3) The permanence of the list of posts at a set time is good the day after you publish them.

You can provide incentives for e-mail registration which consists of offering something:

1) Free PDF;

2) White papers;

3) Electronic books.

First we offer a PDF.

MailChimp Efficiently

You can:

1) To edit;

2) Add text;

3) Landmarks;

4) Add a link;

5) Add a link file.

It can be up to 10 GB in size on MailChimp servers.

An update warned me that MailChimp is not good for promoting the affiliate market.

There are articles that address this, but I will not mention them here.

A mentor told me about TrafficWave that accepts affiliate links.

MailChimp is cheap and very good, but not for affiliates.

TrafficWave is fully suited for affiliates.

If you want to know more, click here.

9 thoughts on “MailChimp for Email List-Now 2021

  1. I couldn’t decide whether to use Aweber or MailChimp. 

    So after doing some research, it will be more convenient to use MailChimp. 

    Especially, because of the number of subscribers. I mean having up to 2,000 subscribers, for free is a great deal. 

    What concerns me though, is that   “MailChimp is not good for promoting the affiliate market”
    – Does it mean, that I can’t put the affiliate links in the emails? 

    Thanks in advance

  2. Thank you for this article – I Use MailChimp for my Email List. It is necessary that we drive traffic to our website for growth. One of the ways to drive traffic is by creating a email list. That way once you have published a new post you can send it to every one on your email list. MailChimp looks user friendly.

    1. Da, da, asta credeam.

      Am continuat să învăț despre MailChimp până când am decis serios să văd despre ce este vorba.

      S-a spus că este cel mai simplu mod de a crea o listă de e-mailuri.

      Cu respect


      1. Yes, yes, that’s what I thought.
        I kept learning about MailChimp until I seriously decided to see what it was all about.
        It was said to be the easiest way to make an email list.

  3. I am looking for an email list manager like mailchimp. Thank you for this helpful review that made me understand what they do when you sign up for a free account ! Under 2000 subscribers is enough for me for now. However I may consider trafficwave because they are good for affiliate marketers like me. 

  4. Thank you for this review. I have been researching about autoresponders all day. And I was almost going to join AWeber. But my list is currently under 2000 subscribers. I think it’s just about 400. So, MailChimp’s option of having their service completely free is great. I didn’t know about this. 

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I also started with AWeber. But I had heard of MailChimp many times.

      And I researched.



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