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What is Quora?

Quora is a website with questions and answers where people look for information. All content on the site is created by the user, which means that it was created, edited and organized by the same people who use the site.

After hearing this Quora description, you may be wondering, “Why don’t I use a search engine every day?”

It allows users to build social networks and keep track of topics of interest to them.

Focuses on high quality questions and answers.

Allow users to vote on answers to highlight as specific information as possible.

Are you thinking of moving to Quora to meet all your research and information exchange needs? Tell us the basics of Quora and what you need to know before using it.

How to use Quora

You must create an account to use Quora. Then you will know the basic functions of the website. Don’t worry, they make creating an account and navigating the site very easy.

It is common practice to give your Quora a “name” so that you can express your opinion. Becoming an influencer with a wide audience is not that difficult. Quora is an easy-to-use platform and to take full advantage of its benefits, just follow the steps that offer a high quality Quora profile.

Why should you use Quora?

Would you like to answer or ask hundreds of interesting questions every day? Or do you just want to be a quiet follower of the community and constantly learn new things about the Internet?

If your answer is yes, then Quora is the perfect platform for you.

As one of the fastest growing platforms today, Quora welcomes new users every day.

Use Quora as a writer


As authors, Quora users have the ability to ask questions and answer questions asked by others.

According to the Quora Association, the number of questions per day varies but is almost always between 3,000 and 5,000 questions.

It simply means that you have at least 3,000 chances to change someone else’s life by sharing your experiences, tips and lessons.

Plus, as proven, you can ask as many questions as you want. You also have the option to ask specific people a question by selecting the option with the same name on their profile. We will come back to this later in the lesson.

Can you make money by writing questions on Quora?

if you. And if you haven’t heard of Quora Affiliate Program, now is a good time to do it.

Basically, this program enables Quora users to become rich by simply asking questions. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

Queries are evaluated and thus paid based on user engagement. The advertising revenue generated from a query is also a deciding reward factor. You earn money for a whole year for your question.

This program is currently invite only and you are not limited by the number of questions you can ask through the affiliate program.

Can it be used more widely than Quora?

Huffington Post, Inc., Does the weather sound familiar to you?

Quora partners with some of the most respected media outlets in the world and gives you the ability to post your responses locally. For this, your answers must be extraordinary and above all in such a way that they can actually be translated into reality by “ordinary mortals”.

Publishing your answer in some of these newspapers around the world may be quite unsuccessful, but it may also be intentional.

Quora has its own team, members of which are “tagged” in their profiles as the Quora Media and Publishing Team. His work on this platform is different from his name. You can type these words into the search field and then get millions of responses from people published in some of these magazines. Below your answers you will find people who are responsible for publishing these answers in newspapers.

Like the ones above, members of the Quora team ask questions, and if you answer them correctly, you have a chance to be published on the websites of some of their partners. You can also see the people they are following and answer their questions as this will make it easier to find their answers.

If your answer is recognized and published, you will get much less credit on your profile as a featured author and published author, which will make you a bit more influential on this forum.

Use Quora as a Reader

Becoming a Quora reader is more of a choice than a choice.

Basically, you don’t have to decide whether you want to be a writer or a reader, just choose to use your profile based on your personal preferences.

A reader’s profile is similar, and you can basically tell someone is a reader based on their profile stats. Logically, readers do not ask or answer questions from other Quora users.

Don’t ask, don’t answer, reading the question can be very useful for some users. For this reason, they use the platform to gain knowledge, to learn about certain subjects or just for fun.

How to create Quora account

When you visit Quora for the first time, this colored screen will prompt you to log in or create an account:

How to create Quora account

On this screen, click “Register by Email”. After completing this page, you will be able to meet other specific account creation requirements such as: b. Add a photo to your profile and connect with your friends on the website.

Then you can start following the things that interest you. Quora is the perfect combination of search engine and social media. They keep track of things on the site but focus more on topics like following than people. Either way, the only thing you want to follow is the content of your feed.

  • Topics To Follow Quora

How to ask a question about Quora

Once you have created an account and selected your topics to follow, you are ready to start using Quora. This includes asking questions about the website.

To ask a question on Quora, click the red “Add question or link” option in the upper right corner. A field similar to the following should appear:

Ask a question about quora

Enter your question, then click “Add Question.” Quora prompts you to select and review topics related to this question. After that just wait for people’s reply.

How do I answer questions about Quora?

On the other end of Quora is the ability to answer questions from other users.

Before we look at how you can answer questions about Quora, let’s look at why you should.

The only reason to answer someone’s question on Quora is when you have a high quality, honest and accurate answer. Don’t answer user questions in an absurd way. The only way for a website like Quora to be successful is for all users to respect each other’s requests and responses.

However, questions about Quora are easy to answer. Your feed contains questions related to the various topics you want to follow. Click on any question for which you have a solid answer and click on the Answer button.

Answer questions about Quora

Send Quora answers whenever you want. Just make sure everything is correct and helpful to the user asking the question.

How to vote for and against Quora answers


The number of votes for and against a particular answer affects its visibility. If an answer has more than one positive vote, it is considered valid and Quora places it at the top of the answer list. When an answer has multiple negative votes, users consider it invalid and Quora does not give it priority for others to see.

Another feature of Quora that is useful for users is the option to vote up and down. If you see an answer on Quora that you think fully answers the question, you can vote. On the other hand, you can give up a precise and meaningless answer.

To learn more and better click here.


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      1. This information is fantastic. I do have a Quora account but have not used it for longer than I can remember. Maybe it’s about two years since I logged into my account.

        I was not aware of Quora’s affiliate programme and I’m keen to learn more about it.
        Your advice regarding how to answer questions on Quora is helpful. I do remember answering a few simple questions long ago while logged into Quora.

        I am so pleased to discover your website and your valuable information about using Quora. Hopefully, my account is still active and I can log into it as soon as I have sufficient time to learn more of their terms of use.

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      2. I have heard of quora but I never really understood what it was. This article has given me a better understanding. Just one question though, can anyone answer your question on quora or does it have to be answered by the creators of quora. This is a great tool to have and I think I wil start using it. 

        1. I first found a 10 minute video about Quora. I read it 3 times, took notes and applied.

          I saw I could use Quora.

          There is a lot to study and we have to take it gradually.



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