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Getting traffic (visitors) tips is essential for affiliate marketing.

There are 2 methods for traffic:

1) Organic free;

2) With advertisements.

Quora is the Best

With Quora we have a top method of getting free traffic.

It’s easy to use Quora.

It is a question and answer site known all over the world.

How do we use?

We have here the best practices and top tips for traffic.

Quora this Q&A Site

Quora is simply a site for questions and answers.

Anyone can ask a question.

And people all over the world are responding.

Why is it important?

Because it is very popular, with millions of daily visits.

What’s the idea?

We access the site first and answer the questions.

I connect with a link in questions to my site and I get traffic.

Rule no. 1: no spam.

We need to use best practices.

The general idea is to respond as well as possible, then we put our link.

We enter Quora. They have a question box above.

And we answer anything.

We write in searches | -> “email marketing”, click and see the results.

I just go and open it.

Click first, right click Open new and answer

sub on the left and Answer.

Great tip: don’t spam.

Give real value, build trust

How Quora Works

Quora new

Maybe the best way is to go left to “By Time”

1) Past Hour click

The last questions are. Be the first to answer!

You answered, you are the first at the top (you are in the Top).

Tip: select and filter the latest questions and answers.

Open the question “What exactly is marketing email?

1) Answer left click.

If you write …

A valuable answer.

2 tips:

1) Add images;

So unique questions + answers.

2) Import video from YouTube.

Click channel I, right click a video

Copy link address click-> Paste. I have a video embedded like this.

3) We do not write 2,3 sentences but a long, clear article.

At any profile Ex. Me sub e What is email marketing and its benefits? click do

We see: Images and many, many sentences.

And bottom left 100 views for example (in a few hours).

The bottom right is the link to my channel.

So many visitors in a short time.

And I up 3) Stats click

Filter 7 days 1000 visits for example with an effort of 1 hour a day, you can increase this traffic by more concentration.

Great tips: Quora questions are ranked on Google. For example, in we can find the most important questions in Quora, we can go to them and answer and get organic traffic to our site.

We click on the links in Quora and we answer. Very important thing.

Tips to Be Effective on Quora

A tip: for 5 answers on Quora we put an affiliate link.

That way there is no spam.

So we open and answer questions.

We can send posts in Spaces = a kind of Groups.

I am sending articles on this subject. Place for inspiration.

Top right questions -> I write Startup and spaces appear

click one = One Group.

I can also create mail in this space. Everyone in that space sees the article (I receive a lot of emails like that).

In this way we have:

1) Views;

2) Lots of traffic.

And not spam again. Otherwise, we are blocked immediately.

I can put my articles on the site as answers.

The answers with a real value bring:

1) Trust;

2) Brand building;

3) Knowledge by people around the world + our links used effectively.

Share links optimal percentage one in 5 posts on Quora. Not as a spammer.

This is how the authority that leads to high quality traffic is built.

It is also very beneficial for growing the channel on YouTube.

Click here to study more.

11 thoughts on “Quora Traffic Tips-2021

  1. I loved it. I found these tips on Quora and how to use it really, really useful. I mean, what I loved most was they were really, really actionable. I can basically just take them and run with it.

    Personally, I never actually considered Quora as a tool to popularize a website. But from the description and ideas you gave, I bet it’s an insanely potent one. To some degree, I can’t believe that I’m only learning about it now. But better later than never, right? Yeah, truly looking forward to getting on there and providing some real thorough answers. 

    I can’t thank you enough. Cheers. 🙂

    1. It’s encouraging what you say.

      Thank you very much!

      And I really wanted something actionable.

      In fact, when you study deeply, that’s what you want.



  2. Hi, Vasile

    I want to make sure I understand about the Spam.  Are you saying that you answer questions on Quora and on every 5th answer you attach your affliate link?  I like the amount of traffic you are getting.  It certainly makes it worth the time.  Sounds like something that should be relatively easy to do.  I like the “long, clear article”, too.  I think a lot of people won’t go to the trouble of providing a long, concise answer.   This is something that I will definitely look into. Thanks for the post.

    1. Vă mulțumim pentru atenție.

      Învăț mereu și vreau să-mi formez obiceiuri bune, așa că am menționat aceste detalii importante.

      Cu respect


  3. I love this article as I am using quora for my website and it helps a lot. It gives me article idees plus give me good interaction with other users. I do build a good traffic base on it, but very slowly. However, I do receive a lot of questions. Glad you mentioned the no spam part. Do you perhaps have suggestions how I can improve users to follow my spaces more and not just upvote my answers? 

    1. Multumesc pentru comentariu.

      Ai experiență în domeniu.

      Trebuie să aplic mai multe pe Quora, nu m-am aprofundat încă în multe aspecte subtile.

      Dar cei cu experiență mă îndeamnă să lucrez mai mult cu Quora pentru beneficii.

      Cu respect


  4. Wow, I’m glad to learn that Quora is a question-and-answer website. Shortly, I’m glad I will be joining Quora since I know I’ll be able to ask a lot of questions that will need satisfactory responses.
    But I also have answers to supply and traffic to build.
    It’s useful to know that after answering five questions on Quora, we can add an affiliate link.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Am găsit și Quora foarte instructivă, din ceea ce am studiat.

      Primeam e-mailuri de la Quora și nu știam cum să le folosesc.

      Este nevoie de studiu și de timp pentru a-ți forma obiceiuri complet automatizate legate de ceea ce studiezi.

      Cu respect


  5. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to learn more about what is quora and how to get more traffic from this platform, your article helped me to learn more about how to use it, my question is, as a blogger, when creating an account on this platform, should I create my account with a personal e-mail or my website?

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I’m glad you found it useful.

      When registering for the first time I used a personal email account.

      I think it’s good with the site email, then I didn’t know how to do it.



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