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It allows you to
create personalized emails with a few clicks with the drag-and-drop

You can also use the
built-in email templates from AWeber’s vast library to quickly design
and send emails to users. It’s all about the Contact, Compose and
Send feature that makes it easy for newcomers and small business
owners to send email.

It offers a landing
page builder, push notifications, automated newsletters, list
segmentation, and more.

AWeber has a simple
pricing structure with a free and paid plan. The Aweber free plan
offers many of the same options as the paid plan, but is limited to
just 500 subscribers.

However, the paid plan
lets you create a mailing list that can have up to 25,000
subscribers. If your mailing list goes beyond that, you should call
AWeber for a quote.

The customer limit is
understandable as AWeber is generally designed for small businesses.
Other email marketing services typically allow you to add up to
100,000 emails to your mailing list.

When it comes to
customer support, AWeber has phone, email, and live chat options.
All of these support options are also available to users of the free
AWeber plan.

This is Aweber in
short. Let us now go through the features of AWeber for detailed

Aweber Work

AWeber has a lot going
for it, but it is designed for a specific niche. Let’s explore its
features to see if it is really what you are looking for.

1. Email Marketing

AWeber’s email
marketing service is designed for small businesses.

The email marketing
plan includes automated newsletters, email automation, behavioral
automation, email split testing, and many other options.

AWeber offers hundreds
of ready-to-use email templates. You can simply choose the best
layout for your content and send bulk emails right away.

AWeber lets you enter
your website url and automatically generates beautiful email
templates based on your website design, logo and theme.

Aweber Model

It comes with an
easy-to-use drag and drop email editor to customize. You can
customize the chosen template to perfectly fit your brand before
sending any email.

2. Email Automation

Part of the automation
is creating and scheduling emails. With AWeber, you can send
targeted emails to users without segmenting your audience and
enforcing rules throughout the day.

Weber email automation


It provides welcome
email, special occasion email, autoresponder, abandoned cart email,
upsell email and more as part of email automation. You can use
predefined email automation recipes created based on your most
frequently used campaigns. It saves you time and gives you access to
professional automation workflows that have proven themselves in the

AWeber controls the
open rate and CTR to forward emails when needed. It allows you to
automatically send new blog posts to users when you publish them.

3. List Segmentation

AWeber has a robust and
dynamic list segmentation structure. Help users send the most
relevant emails with personalized content to increase email open
rates and interactions.

The best part is that
you can create a custom login form to add more fields to use as
labels for your list segmentation (such as location, gender, age,
etc.). You can also add custom labels to create inputs and send
emails accordingly.

4. Automated Newspapers

Newsletters are a
common source of information for users to learn about your business
or blog. You can write content regularly, but it’s important to
share that content with your mailing list. Additionally, it helps to
be consistent so that your audience knows when to expect your

With AWeber you can
create automated newsletters that are sent on time. You can
automatically find your blog posts, add them to beautiful email
newsletters, and send them. You can create a custom email layout for
these blog broadcasts or use a built-in newsletter template. And the
best part is that you don’t need to write any code.

5. Ecommerce Marketing

If you have an
ecommerce store, AWeber offers a range of features with an email
marketing solution. It can be integrated into all common e-commerce
platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. You can also sign up for
payment options like PayPal.


Aweber’s list
targeting allows users to tag users based on their purchases to send
relevant emails.

Please note that you
will be charged a transaction fee for sales on the AWeber eCommerce
landing page. If you use Stripe to collect payments, there is an
additional fee for each transaction.

6. Landing Page Builder

AWeber offers unlimited
landing page builders and page templates to make your website pages
easy to use. This includes templates for e-commerce sites, templates
for registration forms, templates for video sites, and more.

Aweber Landing Page

Plus, you can use
thousands of free professional photos to make your pages look and
feel attractive to users. The drag-and-drop page builder makes it
easy for beginners to create landing pages with images and videos.

With Google Analytics,
you can track the performance of each landing page and make changes
to increase your sales.

7. Reports and

The report enables you
to take the right decision at any time. Aweber offers basic
analytics for the free version, and all the major reporting options
are available for paid users, including total sent emails, returned
emails, complaints, and more.

Advantages and
Disadvantages of Aweber

AWeber is a
feature-rich platform, but it has advantages and disadvantages. We
make sure that our reviews are unbiased so that you can really decide
whether this email marketing solution is the best for your needs.

Advantages of Aweber

advantage image

Free Plan: Aweber’s
free plan includes most of the features needed to run an email
marketing campaign. These include list segmentation, landing page
builder, email automation, and more. This is a great option for
startups and small businesses with a limited distribution list.

Responsive Email
Templates – With Aweber’s free and paid plans, you get hundreds of
responsive email templates with dynamic content that you can
customize to send emails quickly. Unlike other email services, you
have many editing options, including web fonts.

Great Support: Aweber
provides 24/7 customer support to free and paid users. This includes
live support via phone, email, and chat.

Free Migration: If
you’re using a different email solution, AWeber offers all users a
free migration of their mailing lists and other data. This feature
is also available in the free Aweber plan.

Ease of Use – AWeber’s
builder and user interface are clean and easy to use. It’s easy to
learn to create beautiful email and landing pages in minutes.

A/B Testing and
Analysis: Aweber gives you valuable insight into your email
performance and lets you split tests to learn more about your target
audience and their responses.

Aweber’s Disadvantages

Subjective Pricing –
Weber’s pricing model is limited to the total number of customers.

Limited Reports –
Email Reports & Analytics has limited options for a paid plan as
compared to other email platforms. There are no reports in the free

Region Restrictions: AWeber
free account is not available in some Asian countries including
Pakistan, India and others. If you are in these countries, you must
buy the AWeber Pro plan. This means that you cannot test the AWeber
mail service before making a decision.

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8 thoughts on “Review Aweber 2021-To Choose

  1. I used to use Aweber, and it used to be known as the best autoresponder out there. In those days only the first month was free, and the larger your list grew the larger the price became.

    It was for this reason that I moved to another platform, but I must admit Aweber is still the better of the two. I guess you get what you pay for.

    1. I used AWeber from the beginning at the suggestion of an experienced.

      Then I looked differently.

      But we have not reached a definitive formula.



  2. hi!

    Your website is very useful! I didn’t know that this exist until I found your website! 

    its seems complex to use but Im pretty sure with some experience it will be easy 🙂

    how do you know this? 

    I think its an excellent options to promote a new website or business, I will consider it!



    1. Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.

      It’s good what you’re telling me I’ll consider.

      I’m glad you find it useful.



  3. Hello, and thank you very much for your thoughtful article that provided a comprehensive review of AWeber’s features! I currently use them for my marketing emails for my blog and have generally been happy with their services. However, my blog is quite small, so I probably haven’t encountered some of the disadvantages you raise. I appreciated you offering another suggestion too!

    1. Thank you very much for your careful comments.

      You have experience and you have chosen what is best.



  4. Hi Vasile. Thank you for very interesting article. I just started my own online business and I was looking recently for good toll to automate email marketing and correspondence with clients. Looking on your post Aweber may be what Im looking for. It have lot of email templates, its easy to use and there is free plan to test it before deciding on commercial option. Looking forward to check it in practice.

    1. An expert suggested this site to me.

      I didn’t know what that meant then, but it spared me a lot of research.

      Thank you very much for your trust.



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