Skillshare is an online learning network for students and teachers.
Skills are acquired and learned through task-based courses. The
lecturer and student platform gives users the opportunity to access
presentations, materials and courses on a variety of topics. These
topics include design, business, advertising, innovation, fashion,
photography, film, music, cooking, sports, crafts, and more. Experts
using the platform as teachers can impart skills by running and
offering courses. Skillshare wants to help people shine at their
jobs, improve their lives, and keep doing what they love and do.
This e-learning network ensures that users have access to world-class

Who is Skillshare for?

Skillshare is truly a platform for all. This online learning
community is open to anyone interested in taking courses, creating
courses, or teaching courses. You can create your own projects,
learn new skills, or become a teacher.

However, Skillshare is best for those who want to learn
creative skills, especially in areas such as creative writing,
photography, leadership, and analysis.

How does Skillshare work?

If you want to be a lifelong learner, Skillshare is the
platform for you. You can learn almost any skill on this website
just by taking video lessons and online workshops.

Most online courses offer traditional lectures as well as
additional resources such as lectures, worksheets and even online
interactive learning communities where you can chat with other
students about your work.

Skillshare is a platform that covers a wide variety of topics,
but its main focus is on creating online courses for creative
categories. Here are all kinds of topics that can help you enjoy
your career or just enjoy your hobby.

Features and Functionality

General learning experiences

Skillshare is unique in that it provides a shared learning
experience similar to what you would enjoy in a regular classroom,
online or in person. You can work with other students to change
their level of experience, change your perspective, and provide
feedback on courses you have already attended.

Proper teaching


If you are a teacher looking to create and sell courses on
Skillshare you will find that the process is more or less
straightforward. The Skillshare team is with you every step of the
way, from creating and publishing courses to promotion and payments.

As a lecturer, you can upload videos directly and then add
interactive project steps. These steps make it easy for you to view
the information exactly as you want it.

Technical specifications

Skillshare is available on the web and on mobile devices such
as Android and iOS. There is also an app. You can take lessons both
on the computer and on the phone. It also integrates with various
companies and technologies such as Adobe, MailChimp, VS, Bigcartel,
inVISION, Shapeways, Quirky, etc.

Qualification label

Another unique feature of Skillshare is the “Skill Tags”
setting. Competency labels allow course leaders to grade their
courses based on the skills they teach. They also help students find
these courses as you can deepen your search for specific skills and
locate courses accordingly.

What types of courses are offered on Skillshare?

General skills course

Skillshare offers courses organized around three main themes:
Thrive, Build and Create.

The Thrive category has only two sub-themes: lifestyle and
productivity. Build includes courses on business topics such as
leadership and management, marketing, analytics, freelancing and

There are subtopics for CREATE, you guessed it, creators.
You’ll find subtopics on creative writing, filmmaking, art,
illustration, graphic design, photography, web development,
animation, UI and UX design, and more.

It’s important to note that these categories seem limited, but
Skillshare has plenty of other courses that don’t fall into the above
categories. While the above categories cover most of the courses on
Skillshare, there are many other courses like Cooking Classes that
don’t fall into a decent style or classification.

Because of this, Skillshare lets you search for courses in two
ways. You can browse categories or type what you’re looking for in
the search bar.

How do you choose a Skillshare course?

When you’re ready to take a course on Skillshare, you’ll
probably find that choosing the right class to start with is the
biggest challenge. There are thousands of courses to choose from,
when it comes to getting the final cut it can be overwhelming.

There are several ways to find a class. You can browse through
a topic or category, or search for trends or recommended courses. Of
course, if you already have something in mind, the easiest way to
find courses is to just use the search bar.

When you find an interesting course, you can add it to your
favorites to watch later. To do this, you need a Skillshare account,
which is recommended anyway, as the site can offer courses according
to your preferences. After creating an account, you can mark courses
of interest to you and organize those courses into playlists.

As you enter the course, you will find that there is an
advanced video player on the right side with a list of videos. At
the bottom of the video player you’ll also find teacher, class and
course resources details. You can see how many students have
attended the course and how many are interested.

You can also go through qualifications to determine if the
course is right for you and your level of experience (courses are
classified according to their suitability for beginners, people with
some experience, or people of all skill levels) Has gone).

Skillshare is much cheaper than many other online learning
platforms. For example, if you want to sign up for a similar service
masterclass, you pay $180 per year. You can take a single course,
but it costs $90 or more.

Of course, there are also other platforms that offer free
courses or paid online courses. Examples are Khan Academy, Udemy and
Coursera. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Just because you
can find free lessons doesn’t mean they’re always better.

Benefits of Skillshare

There are many benefits to using Skillshare to develop your
skills and explore new topics.

Easy to use and easy to use

Skill sharing courses may vary slightly from instructor to
instructor; Ultimately, everyone will have different learning styles
and modalities, but Skillshare is for the most part a cohesive,
easy-to-use e-learning platform. They know what to expect from each

There are all kinds of technical resources you can use to make
using Skillshare more convenient and convenient. For example, you
can turn on subtitle services or slow video playback speed, a useful
feature when you want to hear something you’ve already heard.

You can also pause, skip or rewind a video. Since you can see
the title and description for each of the videos listed on the page,
you’ll know what you’ve already covered and what’s next. You can
also access new sections without spending hours reading the content.

Interact with the community

Another wonderful feature of Skillshare is its ability to
actively participate by interacting with the community. You can
publish your projects and jobs and then open them up for comments
from other Skillshare users.

At first glance it seems like opening a box of worms. What if
other students don’t like your job? What if they are too cruel?
Fortunately, this is rarely the case with Skillshare – other users
are friendly and provide constructive feedback.

There are other ways to engage with the Skillshare community as
well, which can only be found on this platform and cannot be found on
any other online course platform.

Skillshare workshops, for example, are courses with more
structure and social engagement that take place between scheduled
dates and have a project plan that students can follow.

These have longer schedules and a more interactive community
than you would experience in a traditional college curriculum.

Of course, you can work on projects as well, whether you’re
taking a workshop course or not. Most courses have plans so that you
can gain experience during the course.

Open to all

Skillshare is unique in that it is open to all. You don’t need a
college degree to teach courses, and you don’t need to enroll as a
student or pay high tuition fees to take courses. It is really open

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