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success is hard

To be effective in your work than stop being busy and start being oroductive.

The main goal of the worker is to avoid scattering and to be productive.

A productive worker is a successful worker.

Many have been miserable with:

1) Party on social media;

2) Surfing the Internet:

3) Excessive pleasures.

Do Things Ahead of Time

Measure is needed in everything.

The man who sees death in front of him says, “Let me work a little longer!”

Then he remembers the end again: “Let me work a little harder!”.

And so on until the end of life.

I remember when I planned the study for a week: “to start early!”; It means wisdom.

The advice of an Experienced

When I was in high school, a math teacher advised me, “Let’s solve problems!”;

 Nothing else.

We don’t even eat until we solve the problems on that day, on life and death 

(we even made a covenant in this sense).

It is said that Mark Twine rehearsed a presentation for 2 weeks, 

and another great writer rehearsed the slogans he had

 just uttered for weeks and only then used them.

It is very difficult to get to make a sketch of what you want to present,

 it is a considerable effort and hard work.

I really like to apply this: “No, you have to be like the student before the exam.


 His memory doesn’t give him peace for a moment. He makes him use

 it all the time for to prepare for the exam. “If only I had his state of mind.

To write a site article, a wonderful rule says “30 minutes of content”

 that is, you work hard, without doing anything else.

 Productivity increases considerably.

A great mentor said that if I don’t work hard at your home every day,

 then you won’t resist and you won’t be steadfast in your work and business.

Thus you will acquire prudence, moderation and good elaboration

 in your deeds and in your connections with people.

Amazing Ideas

great idea

Someone said that if you apply the “30 minutes content” method

 you can have a 2.3 times higher increase in anything you write for the blog, site.

One habit I have formed is to plan something in time: for example 10 minutes;

 but to do exactly 10 minutes, not more. Or 7 minutes but I do not deviate any minute.

 In time it becomes a habit fully automated, and helps immensely.
Also, planning for a week of study, making a daily schedule helps a lot,

 just stick to it and do not put other tasks because you are scattered and no longer efficient.

It is essential not to give up work; giving up is cancer for productivity.

 It can lead to depression and other precipices. You have to move forward at any cost.
You need to set time limits for particular tasks, for example,

write a blog article that would take maybe an hour and a half of concentrated work.
In business, if you do only what you like, you will not have the expected success
, you also have to deal with tasks that you don’t necessarily

 love but are critical to your business.

He Never Beats you

By doing so you will get a big boost in what you do.
A sustained effort for a long time leads you to any result online, 

someone said to do 1% daily a year, for example, 

so the daily routine for a long time leads to a qualitative leap in any business.

Not working has made many people miserable, you have to work continuously.

Wealthy Affiliate team

This principle has always followed me (a saying of a great mentor):

 “Better little by little but not to stop, than suddenly and then to stop.”
Click here if you want to be productive.

So get to work and be productive, your business requires it,

 “30 minutes of content” always, and so on.

14 thoughts on “Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

  1. Good topic here. I have found myself making big plans and long after when I look back, I am embarrassed because I can hardly tick off anything on that list. I take your point here about daily scheduling. Do you think that if I break down my goals into weekly, then daily tasks, I will accomplish more? Another point in this article worth mentioning is the suggestion of planning related to time. I am presently working on a book. Some days I do a great job and others are non productive. Maybe if I work say, 30 minutes a day I might finish sometime soon ? I am going to try that. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      Productivity is an essential topic.

      You have to work on it every day. “30 minutes content”

      It’s phenomenal for increasing productivity.

      Write a book, it’s wonderful!

      I wish you success!



  2. Yes, there is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. So sad but true. During this pandemic year, I started working towards goals. And I find I am way more productive that way than when I just have a set of tasks to do daily. 

    Now I have a question. When I do things I like I am way more productive. But I agree that we should also do things we don’t like but are key for our business. Now, what balance would you suggest? 80-20? 70-30? Because there is always to option to outsource the things we don’t like.

    1. That’s how goals are a priority.

      80 by 20 is the famous option.

      But it depends on the load of the day.

      Thanks for the comment, it’s an essential topic and the way we treat it marks our activity.



  3. This is a good reminder for me as I currently feel that I am busy the whole time, but not productive enough. I do find that I get distracted by my telephone, so if I put it away, then I can concentrate better. Making lists also help me to feel more productive when I can cross items off the list.

    I have come across the 30 minute content creation idea, but do you then have several 30 minute sessions during a day? How long is the break you take between them then?

    1. The “30 content” technique is very strong.

      It must become a fully automated habit.

      But that takes time.

      As many such sessions in one day, 8 sessions often.

      Thank you very much for everything.



  4. It’s all about efficiency and planning. If you can do that you can be much more productive that will lead to much more success. Unfortunately there are so many distractions and this keep people from being productive. It’s not easy to keep your focus but this is what separates the successful ones from the rest.

    1. There are essential things here, as you say.

      Being more productive at some point is not easy.

      It’s a continuous effort of concentration.

      Thank you very much for your heartfelt words.



  5. Hi Vassile, I like your approach toward productivity and setting goal. Since I start to do blogging it’s been difficult to keep my focus and concentration efficiently. Some day I could be sitting in front of the computer all day writing content without exhaustion while other day I could barely to focus what I’m doing even just 10 minutes. I’m wondering what kind of productivity hack I should apply when working on content creation in order to achieve maximum productivity throughout the day? 

  6. Thanks for sharing this top quality article with us all here. I rreally have to say that i found it o be a very interesting and informative read indeed. I think some of the points you raise are often good to be reminded of from timee to time in order to remain as productive as we can in our work.

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