Take Action Immediately


Take Action Immediately :–

1. Eliminate All Excuses

My first “tip” is to start removing all your excuses
for not taking action.

Because if you want a reason to delay action, you will always
find one.

For example, you might tell yourself not to apply for the new
position you want because you haven’t worked for the company long
enough and someone else is likely to have a better qualification for
the position. .

Or you can tell yourself to wait before starting a new project
because you should probably do more research and prepare first.

Or, you can try to convince yourself that you need more money,
resources, or time to get started.

These are just excuses you use to justify your inaction.

You have to give up all your excuses to achieve your goals this

Because you can always wonder why you should wait before

But successful people do not listen to these reasons and

They only come from the part of you that is afraid of failure.

Successful people ignore those creepy sounds and get to work!

They create momentum by taking action. By doing so they learn
what they need to know.

2. Don’t wait for the right moment


There is no such thing as perfect time.

You may be telling yourself that now is not a good time because
you are busy with work, there is a project you want to finish
earlier, or because you are too busy with your family at the moment.

But there will always be something in your life.

If you want to make your dreams come true, you can’t wait for
the right time.

You need to take the right time now and start taking the steps
that you can take now.

3. Take the First Step

The next tip is to just start with this first step.

Because it’s about achieving your goals – a series of small
steps one by one to achieve the reality you want to make.

You can’t do everything at once!

Success is a journey through time.

And the most important step you will take in this journey is
the first step.

Because once you’ve taken a step, it’s easy for you to take the
next step, and it’s even easier for you to take the next step, and so

Just choose to believe that you can and go for it.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see all the
stairs. Just take the first step. ,

4. “Transfer Errors Faster”

My last tip is “fail fast”. Don’t let the fear of
failure stop you from taking action.

Instead, realize that a certain level of error is inevitable.

You won’t get it right the first time.

You will make mistakes. And that’s good!

You have to learn to make mistakes. And the knowledge you get
about what went wrong is invaluable and will help you get better
results the next time you try.

It’s called “Failing Forward”: Using every mistake to
get closer to your dreams and goals, your vision of your ideal life.

Here are some tips with the help of which you can take
immediate action:-

1. Meditate.

Through meditation, we give our mind a mental break. We stop
thinking too much and we stop listening to our thoughts, they no
longer seem so serious. Fear begins as a thought and develops into a
feeling. So if we learn to think less through meditation, we will be
less afraid. I have found that the more I meditate, the less doubt I
have. I no longer think about how to do anything; I just did it.

2. Understand your fear.

If we do not understand our fears, they will increase. Take a
piece of paper and write what you want to do with it. Then write
down what scared you. Our most common thoughts are the fear of
failure, the fear of success, and the fear that people will not
accept you for the work you want to do. When you see your fears
right in front of you, you can begin to understand them. This is the
only way to overcome your fear.

3. Understand the importance of failure.

Failure is just a step. The more mistakes there are, the more
steps there are. With each step you learned and understood what went
wrong. Don’t look at failure as an inability to do something.
Failure is a process that allows you to analyze your actions. It is
an automated feedback system that provides detailed accuracy. And
remember, you can’t say you failed because you decided to take
action. The only guaranteed error is that no action is taken.

4. Learn on the go.

You can’t expect to become an expert the first time around.
You learn by doing. You can think about it, read about it, and talk
about what you’re going to do, but make sure you can take action.

5. Fight your fear with action.

The only way to combat your fear is to take action. I was
scared of building a website so starting a website was the only way
to allay my anxiety. I did what my fear told me not to do. For
example, if you’re afraid of playing the piano, give it a try. You
don’t need to be Mozart tomorrow, just play your instrument. You’ll
find that failure isn’t as bad as you might think, and you’ll be glad
you chose to play the piano.

6. Forget your goals.

I’m not saying forget what you want to achieve, it would be
silly. Try to forget about the results you want; Try to eliminate
your idea of ​​what you want to achieve and do it. Our thoughts
about where we want to be in the future will only limit the present
moment. You can only act now. Because if not now, then when? So
when we focus on a reward system, we limit our ability to act.
Instead of wanting to write to be famous, we should write because we
love to write. It will also eliminate the whole concept of fear,
because fear cannot exist if you love what you are doing and are not
overwhelmed by the end result.

7. Avoid instant gratification.

Sometimes you may find that you want to do something other than
take action. The mind is very powerful and can make us believe that
we are doing something useful. For example, if we log on to social
media or surf the Internet while trying to write, it won’t help us
write, but it will give us a sense of instant gratification, even if
it’s only for a few moments. Why not for it?

8. Keep taking action.

It may repeat itself at this point, but the only way to
overcome your inability to act is to take action.

9. Take it easy.

There is no finish line for doing business. There’s only one
step left, and when you’re done with it, you won’t be able to focus
on the next. You can’t rush the time. Take it slow and focus on one

Don’t try to fight the world overnight. It’s only about the
start, not the result you want (but if it does, all the better!)

Fear is not as bad as you think. Fear begins as a thought in our
mind. It will be a constant thought that repeats itself over and
over, and if we accept the truth of the thought, it will succeed and
become an emotion that we feel. But when we see it as a form of
fear, we can begin to understand its illusory powers. Fear begins as
a simple thought trying to invade our mind; If we let go and accept
that these thoughts are facts, we will feel fear.

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  1. I absolutely love your niche. It just motivates us individuals to do better in life and to continue pushing ourselves. I feel like a lot of people really need to read this article so I will be sure to share it. I am sure that it will touch millions of people so thank you for this 

    1. One of my discoveries is “30-60 minutes infinite concentration” = meaning to do nothing but write an article. Great power is here:

      1) Act immediately;

      2) Focus strongly;

      3) Do things you didn’t know you could do.

      Try this wonderful method.



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