The importance of community in life


The word community is undoubtedly fundamental to the human experience.

Being part of a committed community gives us a sense of belonging. It allows us to share personal relationships and support the continued development of others, ourselves and our environment.

A community can be anything from a physical location where people are geographically connected to a virtual location, such as a social networking group or a shared private platform. Communities bring together people with similar ideas, similar characteristics and common interests. Each community operates with certain limitations to meet the needs of that community.

Belonging to a group or community from which we can identify helps us to develop a strong sense of individual and collective identity. It can also increase our self-esteem and desire to face the world and make our dreams come true. But the importance of the community grows even more.

Why is community important? To answer the question, we can look at what happens when we don’t have our own community. Because we are naturally sociable creatures, our feelings of isolation from others can profoundly affect our perception of ourselves and our emotional health.

In fact, some studies have linked the emotional stress of loneliness caused by social isolation to physical ailments, including sleep disorders, heart disease, and a weakened immune system. A Canadian health study also assessed social isolation as a higher risk factor for premature death.

That being said, the last year has been a tough year for social interactions and personal relationships. On the one hand, detention and work at home made it difficult to meet and connect with others, increasing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

However, this has not diminished the importance of the community. Instead, these changes have led many to reconsider the importance of a sense of closeness, bringing the concept of meaningful relationship back into focus.

“Belonging to a group or community with which we can identify helps us to develop a stronger sense of individual and collective identity. It can also increase our self-esteem. ”

For example, in recent months, we have seen churches partnering with fundraisers to help people in financial or other difficulties. Others have learned to sew in order to make PPE-like face masks and offer them to those who need them most.

The importance of community: 7 benefits it offers


To understand why actions in the neighborhood and communities are meaningful and beneficial to our well-being, we can look at seven ways in which it can help us to be part of a community.

1. Support and security

One of the main reasons why the community is important is that it can help combat feelings of despair and give us confidence that we are safe in our community. In addition, the benefits go both ways, because helping others encourages us.

2. Affiliation and membership

Union is so fundamental to our experience as human beings; This feeling of being part of something bigger can give meaning to our lives. When we meet other people with similar values, interests, and worldviews, we realize that we are not alone and feel valued. In fact, belonging emphasizes why the community is essential: being part of a group gives us more confidence and can help us cope with negative experiences and feelings.

3. Effect

Sometimes we just need that extra encouragement to keep us from falling into unhealthy thoughts or habits. Another reason for the importance of the community is to experience the positive influence of people who have the same thoughts. Studies confirm that our overall health is partly determined by our ability to take care of ourselves, but sometimes we don’t feel we can. Communities can influence and inspire us to invest in our own well-being and make positive changes in our lives.

4. Distribute

The exchange of activities, thoughts and feelings not only strengthens our self-esteem, but also contributes to increasing the value of the community. In fact, the more in this case, the better! Not to mention the huge mental health benefits of sharing – increased commitment, positive emotions and empowerment are just a few of the benefits. Sharing shows interest.

5. Learning

Communities are generally built around common interests, but that does not mean they are homogeneous. We can always find in them people who

6. Adoption
It can be difficult to develop communities with other people who have different opinions, but it is also an opportunity to practice acceptance. I have had personal success reading this article and understanding that acceptance does not mean consent.

“One of the main reasons why the community is important is that it can help combat feelings of despair and give us confidence that we are safe.”

May this valuable lesson bring peace and relief. There is also a reverse of acceptance: self-acceptance. Belonging to a community helps us to accept that we are sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and that we need the support of others to avoid unnecessary conflict and emotional pain.

7. More connections, more chances of success
The importance of the community extends beyond the personal sphere and extends to professional development. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have focused more on supporting local businesses, so this is a good place to start networking and build strong relationships. You never know where your business idea or professional life will take you.

The importance of Community action
Communities are not abstract entities, so practical steps are needed to strengthen and differentiate the community. This is the basis of the so-called Community Action Initiative. In fact, they are so important to society that many local authorities now have their own resources and invest in community development programs.

One example is the UK organizers’ initiative launched in the UK, which provides communities with the tools to identify and address local challenges, bringing them all together. Knowing that many people were struggling to meet their needs, Stafford’s community organizing group started a social supermarket that was supported by local shoppers, grocery stores, and volunteers.

Surplus food was donated and then sold at subsidized prices that low-income people could afford. In just a few months, the program has fed more than 100 local families. It helped to destigmatize economic hardship and reminded residents that the community is there for them.

In view of this, it is important to remember that community action must not involve great gestures. Sometimes the best way to contribute to our community is to give: either time, money, or kindness with small, everyday gestures. One thing is for sure, when we look around for help, we find ways to do so, and therefore help strengthen our community.


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  1. Having a community you can count on in difficult times is very important. That is the only way you can get through life without feeling depressed. I have a very big community. I have friends and family in my life in which I can count on and they will be there for me. 

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      I’ve been looking for a trusted community for a long time, now I’m in such a community.



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