The best free email list

The best free email list multiplies the commissions, meaning you see when someone subscribes.

When someone visits you we know:

1). Click on the product;

2) .means an acquisition.

So we get a commission. If he passed by, there are chances; less return.

The e-mail list is useful (you noted them).

What I want to show

I put a picture with the object! It’s a widget. “Subscribe to Updates”:

1) comes on the site;

2) subscribe.

Opportunity for high commissions. The client may disappear after the first commission but he is a subscriber! Then I can take commission again and again.

They are called “demand income.”

You have the e-mail list and you can send it to everyone.

Example: you have 1000 on the list, find a niche product:

1) create an email;

2) promoted;

3) send to 1000 interested people.

This leads to many commissions.

By creating the list we get money and create it for free very easily.

We go to on their home page Create at Form.

1) How to set up a list;

2) Connect to your site;

3) Add a subscription box:

What do I use for this?

To start your own email list first create your AWeber account. On their page 1) Lists-> created an email list

this means to create a registration form on my site

3) Sign Up Forms then My web Form 2 click Publish then click I Will Install My Form

Copy code I want for this I enter the WordPress Dashboard at Appearance-> Widgets click

I choose from the left Custom HTML drag & drop under Right Sidebar and in the Paste box then Save

We enter the site and see what we did.

It’s a default form, not so great.

To choose a better one we enter again on AWeber I go to Sign up Forms to Form 2

then Edit click and change prefabricated click 1 of 5 I do Load Templates then Save and down Save Your Form

I enter the site I give Refresh and it’s live what I wanted.

You see, it’s simple.

Another example of use

If, I have something to promote I send a weekly e-mail with news.

Having a list of 1000 subscribers, I log into AWeber-> Messages click-> Broadcasts click and send to all 1000 subscribers.

So to deepen we make a subscription and it’s free, we sign up for AWeber and make money.

This is how we prepare to make money on our site.Search here



11 thoughts on “Use a best free email list

  1. Wow! What a great site, with some really informative content. I am so happy I came across this article. I can totally relate to needing to develop an email list.  I feel like I am totally slacking in this regard.  This tool seems like a great way to attract new subscribers to my email list.  I will definitely be checking it out.  Is it pretty much just a site that produces code that you can put into your WordPress website or does it actually go in your emails as well?  Thanks for your help and for doing the research on this topic and putting together a well-thought-out post.

    1. Vă mulțumim că ați găsit interesant!

      Mi-a plăcut foarte mult și acest aspect al listei de e-mailuri.

      Am încercat apoi să înțeleg să stăpânesc practic acest lucru.

      Cu respect


  2. Wwell, I have to agree that Email marketing can often prove to be a very successful way of aquiring the sales you need to generate a substantial income. However, It is important that you have a list of people who are genuinely interested in the content that you are sending them. Otherwise you could just end up paying for a service that brings you nothing in return.

    1. Multumesc pentru clarificare!

      Vedeți experiența!

      Trebuie să am grijă de priorități.

      Cu respect


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