Email list as anchor

  We can now use the email list for “on-demand revenue”.

Contact us

In the subscription box of the site at the top right.

  I added in Start Up Training.

  When he comes to the site he can subscribe to updates if they are interested in our niche,

will leave the email address.

          Choose well

Choose well

  So you can send updates by email. This way we have an amazing “come on request”.

In the AWeber Dashboard if you have an AWeber account you can send to everyone

 top right click on Messages then down click Broadcast and you have subscribers

use the option to use a simple text message drag and drop builder is simpler.

  Overview of how to compose Example: niche is phones.

  A new phone has just been launched and I want to send it to my clients by email

Topic “New phone”

click and write “New Smartphon Lunched Get The Detailed” and start sourin

 the body of the message:

  “Have you heard of the new smartphone being launched?

It’s better than any other I’ve ever seen

see my ad as soon as possible “

  You need to check out my review ASAP.

  It’s a fast email, offer value, not a spam message.

  Value on your site, not super long email and put link in WordPress (we know:

 first we write text then select and use link highlighting)

  You can see now the link is a superlink. And the email is ready.

I’m sending them all.

  In Preview & Test top right click then click Save & Exit bottom right

sketched and saved

  Schedule right click and the sketch is saved.

  Different settings can and the email list can do a lot in Advanced.

  You can create segments on your list of different types of people

or where they subscribed to your site that means different interests.

   To target the content you send, go to all active subscribers and select

  Active Subscribers list left click email any subscriber.

  Send immediately to the left:

1) promote a product review;

2) affiliate here.

   So income on demand then

click Send message ”bottom right

  This means that I receive thousands of people. I receive on the phone or notification

 (ie those interested).

We like you too!    

       High productivity now

“Do you have an email list? I use the free version of AWeber. Once my draft is published, I go to my AWeber account and send my post to all my subscribers,If you have not yet started an email list, I recommend AWeber. It’s been a great addition to my tool box”.

   For long breaks but they clicked they can buy the product.

   It’s a powerful method;

   It basically allows you to multiply money.

   The bottom line is that you captured people (who can disappear), I won once and 

several times I can do this.

So first is the list then offer the products.

3 thoughts on “Use liste for email-How do you do it.

  1. Nice review on email marketing, I found it a little hard to read, I’m not sure if it’s been translated to English but perhaps you could ask on WA for some support in the translation? 

    The use of images was great and the page is nicely laid out, the issue I have with email marketing is everyone is wise to that strategy and avoid leaving their email address if they can, so I find it harder and harder to capture the addresses.

    Thank you

    1. Ai dreptate, am uitat să verific cu Gramar.

      Mulțumesc foarte mult!

      Am fost plăcut surprins că am primit un comentariu atât de repede.

      Cu respect


      1. You’re right I forgot to check with Gramar.
        Thank you very much!
        I was pleasantly surprised that I received a comment so quickly.

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