Waking Up In The Morning At
4 O’clock


Waking up very early in the morning, he went out, went to a deserted place, and meditated there.

For those of us who wake up at
strange times in the morning, it’s almost the same time every day,
around 4 or 5 in the morning. This may be due to a simultaneous
increase in cortisol levels and the early-morning processing of
emotional material by the brain.

Many people sound the
alarm with good intentions, knowing that it’s time to meet the
demands of the day. But then the alarm clock goes off long before
they’re ready to wake up, so they hit the snooze button and
eventually fall back. Something has to happen.

The key is in your
body. “An important factor in waking up at the desired time in
the morning without any problems is the timing of the circadian
rhythm or ‘body clock’.” All you need to do to wake up on time
is start planning your bedtime schedule the day before and the night
before, and making your mornings count.

How do our internal
clocks work and to what extent can we control them? The body’s
master clock, located in the brain, generates and controls our
circadian rhythms, which help determine sleep patterns over a 24-hour
period. Environmental cues such as daylight and darkness also affect
circadian rhythms. When light comes into contact with the optic
nerves, information is transferred from the eye to the brain. When
there is little or no light at night, your clock tells your brain to
make more melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy.

Our sleep-wake cycle,
hormone levels, metabolism and body temperature are all influenced by
our circadian rhythms. If your movement becomes impeded, you may be
at risk for more than a few battered days. Chronic diseases such as
irregular rhythms, obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder
and seasonal affective disorder.

However, there are ways
to get your system back to sleep and refreshed for the day ahead.
Physiological and psychological factors play a role, and it is not
always easy to sleep well or fall asleep and wake up at the same time
every day.

Let’s know some ways to
get up early in the morning:-

1. Only one minute
before waking up (every day)

Setting the alarm
earlier doesn’t always mean you’ll wake up earlier. If you find
yourself snoozing until your normal wake-up time, it may take time
for your body to adjust.

Instead of getting up
at 5 a.m., set your alarm a minute earlier every other day until you
reach your destination.

2. Motivate Yourself
With Small Benefits


Waking up at 5 a.m.
certainly gives you a lot of extra quiet hours to work on, but if
your normal wake-up time is 8:30 a.m., you won’t be able to wake up
at 5 a.m. immediately.

Instead of relying on
logic and making a goal of getting up two hours early, try to get up
half an hour early. If you achieve this goal, you will get a small

You can see when you
get up after your first goal is met, but you have to go before you

3. Use peer printing to
get up on time

Arrange a meeting with
other people who get up early in the morning.

Studies have shown that
our bodies naturally wake us up when we have to do important things
at a certain time. That’s why you wake up just before the alarm
clock when the task is important enough.

You are risking
something: your reputation as a consistent person.

When waking up is the
only thing you have to do to get up early, a warm bed is more

4. Give yourself a
unique reason to wake up DD

How do you watch your
overtime when you get used to waking up earlier?

Have you thought about
the impact of this vision on your development?

If your morning vision
works when you’re awake, but you don’t like walking, associate waking
up early with something uncomfortable.

Switch clubs when
paired with something cool. Schedule something in the morning that
you enjoy. If there’s something in your morning schedule that turns
you on.

Benefits Of Getting Up

Before you get into the
habit of getting up early, you need to understand the benefits that
come with it. If you’re an early riser already, you’ll know what
morning brings other than a beautiful sunrise. For those who are not
early risers, here is a list of several benefits.

Enjoy A Good Night’s

Early risers usually go
to bed early. You don’t need to count sheep to sleep. Waking up
early makes your body feel tired early, which results in a good
night’s sleep. You get used to the natural circadian rhythm, so you
fall asleep early and wake up early.

Eat Healthy In The

Waking up early gives
you time to prepare a healthy breakfast. It doesn’t have to be
fancy, smoothies, salads and fruit bowls can be ready in minutes.
Early risers have this time to prepare a simple and healthy breakfast
for themselves and their families. If you wake up late, you may be
late for something else that creates a ripple effect. If she’s late,
she often eats an easy-to-eat snack like a donut or muffin, or skips
breakfast altogether.

Regular Exercise

Morning workout is
considered the best as it gives you an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline
improves alertness and helps you overcome the feeling of sleepiness.
Plus, when you have a morning exercise routine, you’re less likely to
miss it because of another important task that’s taking up your time.
For example, you’re more likely to lose them if you play sports at
night, overtime at work, visiting friends, or because of actual

More Energy

Early risers tend to
get better quality sleep than night owls, as they are more likely to
go through all the phases of the sleep cycle required. They wake up
with more energy than night owls, who usually do not have enough time
to complete all stages of sleep.

Organizational Skills

Your morning hours are
usually the most productive time of the day because you have non-stop
time for yourself. If you don’t get distracted then you can complete
any task faster.

Be Stress Free


Waking up early gives you
time to plan your day ahead of time. You don’t spend your day in a
haze with a disorganized mind. Planning ahead can help you avoid the
stress of getting things done. Plus, getting up early will give you
more time for stress-free leisure activities and help you start the
day with a calm and peaceful mind. You are better equipped to
prioritize and resolve issues, which is the key to staying stress
free throughout the day.

Even those who live surrounded by material worries should view this as a wise measure, not as a thing
foreign to their goals.

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4 thoughts on “Waking Up In The Morning At 4 O’clock-Great Power

  1. It’s great that you have found something that works for you and seems to provide countless reasons for you to continue to follow this early regimen. However, I don’t see any actual science to support the claims that are made here. 

    The science I have read recently tends to suggest that people have different internal clocks and that perhaps people could live better lives by living more in tune with their body’s natural tendencies. In other words, a “night person” is unlikely to find benefits by forcing themselves to wake early every day when they personally feel more energetic at night.

    Is this article mostly based on your personal experience, or are there scientific studies that you are drawing from that you could link to? I’d definitely like to stay current on the research!

    1. Yes, it’s my own experience.

      But it has influenced my whole life for the better.

      We are people with their own peculiarities, for me this characterizes me.

      Thank you very much for the courage of the approach.



  2. I agree that waking up at 4 or 5 am is a oood  habir to get into , One use of time that i think can be practical is the use of  prayer. If you use the time to pray or sit in silence it can help you focus your energy to focus on the days tasks. DO you believe that [rayer can j help you to focus on the days events or help you to wind down at the end of the day.? I usuallly pay to end my day . Exercise is also a good way tto start your day. A good jog or cadio workout is also probably beneficial  for a person before breakfast and his daily routine. 

    1. You have reached all the points. Prayer is essential for me.
      So is gymnastics and morning running.
      It is easy early in the morning to set your goals and tasks for the day.
      And it’s very likely to touch them.

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