I Wonder what Good is Quora

Quora means: “To ask questions and get answers to the problems that interest us.”partenerial

A gold mine for our site.

Quora answers automatically go to:

1) Twitter;

2) Facebook.

Quora Utility

What do I answer:

1) Lots of information;

2) A question to the person (= interaction).

That’s how we get followers.

The relations show:

1) Traffic;

2) Sales.

We don’t sell first but we help.

The word help leads to more followers on the site.

Sending questions leads to relationships and ultimately to followers.

I ask questions in my niche, what I miss I ask: Ex.

1) How to create a logo?

2) How to create a business banner?

And someone with great abilities, who I lack, answers.

We can create content panels.

1) Interaction in content panels;

Other Quora Facilities

It’s good to have a group on FB with “Email Marketing” for example.

The email fills up with questions in a few months.

In a short time your business is known.

You don’t even have to go on Quora.

They send you questions by email and choose which one to answer.

I receive an email link with a question and then I offer an answer.

You immediately get more questions than you can answer.

Of course, I choose the best.

Helping many means that many come with questions, so more traffic to

the site and eventually you become an authority on the niche.

What benefits can you get in years:

-millions of visitors from all over the world per month;

-you become an authority in the niche;

-offer many answers;

Quora Successful Strategy

Strategy like chees

It’s a useful strategy:

1) leads to followers;

2) Many know you personally.

This is a very good marketing strategy:

1) Attention capture profile;

2) Follow your own niche topics;

3) Distribute non-affiliate content links;

4) Network and company relations;

5) Some follow us;

6) I am active in the content panel.

information from a mentor of mine.

You Can Earn a Lot with Quora

They also have a Quora Partner, through which you can earn

up to $ 800 a month, but they offer you due to prodigious activities.

You have to answer many questions.

As a summary:

1) We have another marketing strategy here;

2) Many strategies are unknown;

3) We answer the Quora is beneficial;

4) We are thus active on Twitter and Facebook, if we do not have time;

5) We climb in the Google rankings, but the evidence is not so solid.

-distribute: 1) content, 2) resources;

-get relationships;

-people voted for you as an authority;

-the answers give rise to followers;

-many posts on Twitter, Facebook;

-high social interaction.

We go to quora.com and sign up.

Create a profile: 1) title; 2) description. Example: “Email Marketing for small businesses and bloggers”.

A simple description.

-link to the business group on Facebook;

-our site URL.

We get more traffic to our site.

2)Accreditations Section:

1) Entrepreneur;

2) Graduate Wealthy Affiliate;

3) Romania.

Know about:

-affiliate marketing;

-social media marketing;

-design of WordPress sites;

-affiliated programs;


Statistics About Quora

Statistics: it could have 5000 visitors per month.

It’s a big deal.

By answering the questions you get many followers.

In any answer I insert an article that refers to that question.

I have no article then I put the URL of my site.

It’s an amazing strategy.

You can post daily or once a week. Answer a few questions.

You can put unaffiliated links one by one.

With site traffic, you can make a lot of sales.

You will receive an email on the subject you are interested in.

First your own niche.

With the address of the personal question in the niche I can assist. I thus obtain double benefits.

At O- Quora “Email Marketing” search after click appear more products, services.

The pages of people talking about it.

Go to their profile and you can send messages.

This is how you form habits for relationships with your wise ones: a special marketing strategy.


To deepen click here.


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