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Building a mailing list is one
of the most important things you can do for your online business.
Why? Because it gives you direct access to an audience that really
cares about what you’re doing; An audience that has already
demonstrated a willingness to continue listening to your offer by
subscribing to your newsletter.

How do you build this
valuable list? Well, it all starts with collecting the email
addresses of the people who visit your website (with permission!)
Unfortunately, it’s a complicated business because we live in a world
where grabbing someone’s attention is more than ever before. far
more difficult.

Active and Passive Lead


Traditionally, most of
Marketers have placed subscription boxes in a their website
sidebar,and in the footer, or sometimes in an Articles itself.

These methods are mostly
passive methods of collecting email. This means that they do not
prevent visitors to the website from continuing their activities, for
example reading an article or simply surfing the web.

However, that changed
when the newsletter popup arrived (the kind you sometimes see in the
middle of the screen). Pop-ups are proactive means of collecting
emails that literally make people stop what they are doing and (a)
subscribe or (b) close the pop-up.

Many marketers have
embraced this new power, bombarding their visitors with pop-ups as
soon as they visit the site, often before they even knew what it was!

Of course, once a
visitor enjoys your content, they will be more willing to share your
email address with your business.

Below we have compiled
the best WordPress plugins in our list of the best newsletter plugins
for WordPress.


OptinMonster offers a
variety of customization features such as exit intent technology,
multiple form types, A/B split tests, and more.

It makes it easy to
design highly morphed forms, from the full form designer to the
amazing animations of monstereffects.

Bloom Elegant Theme

Bloom is a beautifully
designed newsletter plugin with over a hundred templates and 19
integrations with popular email marketing tools.

It supports six
different types of popup forms: popups, fly-ins, widget areas, inline
with content, bottom content, and content areas. And you also get
unique activation options, such as the ability to display a
registration form after a visitor has left a comment.

Newsletter Plugin

Here are the most
interesting features of the plugin:

drag-and-drop email composer that lets you create beautiful
mobile-ready newsletters.

Double subscription to
ensure you comply with EU anti-spam laws.

Easily target your
campaigns so that you can target specific groups of people on your

SMTP support – to
ensure that your emails reach visitors’ inboxes.

Although Newsletter can
send email directly from your WordPress server, I recommend that you
take advantage of the SMTP server integration feature for better
delivery (Mailgon is a good free SMTP service).


MailPoet has over
300,000 active installations across different versions and comes with
ready-to-use email templates to launch your email marketing
campaigns. These free templates include welcome emails, newsletters,
and new article updates, all of which support marketing automation.

You can let MailPoet
use your WordPress site’s servers to send emails (less delivery).
You can use MailPoet’s own delivery service or use a third-party SMTP
server for better delivery.

MailPoet Premium offers
advanced analytics, targeting functions (based on email activities
such as openings, link clicks, etc.), and advanced integration with
WooCommerce transactional emails.

Getsite Control

A unique WordPress
plugin that includes 6 widgets to receive visitor feedback. It comes
with options for a contact form, social media buttons, live chat,
survey form, alert banner and announcements. You don’t need to
activate all the forms at the same time (and scare your visitors).
Use them however you like for surveys, social media campaigns, etc.

This gives you complete
control over how your registration form looks and where, when and how
it appears on the page. Use ready-made templates for your
newsletter. Import images. Choose your own color scheme.

SumoMe List Builder

In addition to
membership forms, you can add buttons to share and click maps to
websites and social networks. Format newsletters using 5 different
options: standard, scrolling and static form, horizontal banner (up
or down) and sumo “cheat” form, a full-screen pop-up window
at the beginning of a trip. It also offers a check box, switch, and
countdown timer as well as the ability to set up automatic file
downloads from your website.


It provides a
convenient interface for composing segmented emails, which is a
useful way to prevent your emails from appearing on spam lists. It
allows you to view campaign statistics and configure automatic
responses. Use the free version to maintain a database of up to 2000


Icegram’s minimalist
design is useful for any email marketing job. Simply install this
plugin on your WordPress site and add a notification banner and an
email address form. There are over 80 pre-built templates available
for you to use when creating your subscription form, including
templates for holidays and special occasions. All you have to do is
put your text in the form and send the newsletter to your target

Simplicity is the main
advantage of Icegram as there isn’t an endless list of options for
animation, color scheme settings, design elements, and alignment.
With the basic version of the plugin you can add your own text,
change the color and position of the buttons, customize certain pages
and time duration to suit your needs.



Weblizar is designed to be
a lightweight and flexible plugin that is also ideal for email
marketing. This slows down your website and creates vulnerabilities
that can repel visitors. But it has all the features and
functionalities required to build a huge customer base.

For more click here.


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  1. Hi there, I do know that the money is in the list, and I have not done enough to build my subscriber list, so thank you for all these options to use a plugin to build your list. Are these plugins all free? Does one need an autoresponder, as well as the plugin to be able to send group emails to your list? It sounds as if Mail Poet has that built in, but do the others also have that function?

    1. I also thought about the fact that they are free.

      Otherwise I would have resorted to paid applications.



  2. This article found me at the most perfect time, I have just been doing my research and creating the email (subscriber list) area of my site and was getting stuck on a few things along the way. After reading this article I now know the benefits of email and the correct plugins to use. Thank you for your informative article I have taken away lots of information with me.

  3. HI Vasile. Thank you for very interesting article. IM just starting my adventure with digital marketing and recently I was looking for good wrodpress plugin to support email marketing. Its not easy to choose with so many options on market, but looking on your post Icegram may be what Im looking for. Its small, simple, and templates looks really professional Looking forward to test it in practice.

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