Write a Good Blog Post


This is my look at how you can write effective content and make money from it.

So how can I write a good blog.

I’ll show you how I do it.

First of all, I decide what I am passionate about

For me it’s how to write effective content, there is a lot to say about it.

The first title is

 How to Write a Good Article

The first title gives the reader the opportunity to know what the article is about.

The last title summarizes the article for the reader.

Iata cateva titluri de exemplu:

How to write an article faster and better?

Can I write an article without documenting myself correctly?

How to write an article that will attract the attention of readers?

Do you use your knowledge to write interesting?

I let the objectives lead me to the essence of what I have to say.
In any title you have to put a few words about the title.

This is the content of the article. This is what you want to say about

The article I am writing I want to have 1500 words to cover all

 aspects of writing. Let there be enough words to be revealing.

How to Write an Article Faster and Better? 


To do this, I first bury a sketch, but first I document myself on

 Google, I look in my niche for 2.3 articles from the first places

 I take as a model. I read them carefully and take out elements

 that I introduce in article.

So I highlighted the main title to get a better view of the reader,

 followed by the content to show what it’s about.
We will do the same throughout the article, to have about

 5 subtitles and relevant content for the 1500 words 

and to cover everything you need.
We write the readable content, with small parts and 

space between them, to be easy to read. Lines, lines then white space, to be easy to follow.
We do this because today people do not read as before and the text must be easy to follow.

Make an Article Easy to Read

The goal is to write the article and make it easy for people to read it.
We have the necessary elements for the article.
What’s next to make the writing interesting?
We will show how to add images to make it easier to understand words.

Can I write an article without documenting myself correctly? 


A picture is worth hundreds of words.
PP contained something
We are moving forward to publish the article interestingly, to motivate readers, to attract them!
We will put 3 images or more just to make it easier to read.
There must be relevant images for what we are writing.
Our article is about content, so we add an image with it, not something else (for example children playing!).
PP picture infinite content
We are going to find images and use them.
We find it on the Internet for free with a little effort.

 There are many and we can add them in the post.
There are Google or Bing images and many others (they are easy to find through a search).

We will go further and deal with how to make money with our article.
We can add a YouTube video to the images, they have a code 

built into them that we can place in the article and it will appear 

as what we wanted (it’s good to have no problems with copywrite, ie free to use).
To be obvious and relevant to our post.
How to add the code? We enter YouTube, we look for the video

 suitable for our subject, we press the distribution button, a

 code to embed will appear. We click on Copy,

 we go to the article and we click on Paste.
It will wonderfully appear in our article.
So we have a title, appropriate content, relevant images and a 

video on YouTube that shows a lot about writing an article.


But how Can I Make Money with an Article?

Is there anything that can give us this opportunity?
We can say yes, by adding a link over some well-chosen and highlighted words.
The link takes the reader to a product we are promoting.
So the reader can go and buy something through our article.

Our article is about writing effective content, so we use words that to

 rank in Google you need the best articles, now we click on the

 link button we received from Fiverr, to send them to buy some articles.

 The words that are highlighted stand out and the reader is urged by them.
Where does a link go?
It could refer to Fiverr, for example, or to any affiliate program.
First we need to sign up for that company’s affiliate program, which

 are the products we want to buy. There are millions of products.

 Companies need those to promote, market and sell products

 for the specified company.
You receive an affiliate code for that product attached

 to your name, it is guaranteed without problems.
We place the link in code form where the words are highlighted

 in the content, for a simple click on a Link button.
We don’t have to change it. Every time someone reads this

 article and decides to click on the highlighted word,

 we have the opportunity to earn some money.

Let’s not forget to check if the link works exactly and gets where we want,

 before publishing the article.
It seems difficult to do, but it is actually quite easy to do with the right training.
Suppose we have 90 articles with 4 links for readers to look at, 

it has great potential to make money.
We are moving towards the end of the article.
This is how it is done above. We use this model for any subject we are interested in.
The process is the same for an article on the subject: fashion, food, travel, juice,

 wine, the latest phones and so on. So about anything we want.
Every article goes through the same phases.
So if you learn to make one you can then write 100 or more articles like that.
There is still a lot to learn, this along the way.
There are other secrets to making more money.
We can add pay-per-click ads on our site, add banners on our site and so on.

Check at the End


-Check title
-Repeat title; first paragraph
-Check formatting
-Check keywords
-Insert links and pictures
-Check Grammar
-Ask for comments
-Recheck title
-Recheck parmalink
-Check with Grammarly

-Check status
-Check visibility
-Add categories
-Add tags
-Add futured images
-Check images for “Alt Text” and “Title”
-Links-Landing page, sign-in page, backlinks and pics with links
-Correct menu on the site
-Open the article
-Check all links.Open each link
-Check author bio box
-Plagiarism check
-Give and take comments
Submit for indexing
-Social media channels
-Channels of your site
-Personal social media channels
-WhatsAppand Instagram groups
-Call your friends

At the end of the article we thank the reader for reading this article.

 We ask them to leave comments in the comments section of our post.
Let’s do this in such a way that the reader feels compelled to send messages.
We are glad that we learned how to create and write an article about anything we are interested in.
We need a proper space to write these articles.
In WA there is SiteContent, simply and easily press the content button and write a new article.

To learn more click here


8 thoughts on “Write a Good Blog Post-A Look of His Own

  1. This article has helped me big time! I sometimes struggle to write articles or I run out of topics. It’s so difficult to write an article that is unique so this post has given me perspective. I now know how to tackle my next article. Thank you for this useful information. 

    1. I go through the same torments with writing articles.

      This writing seems to help me be a little more careful.



  2. Thank you for putting together the checklist at the end. I am trying to learn how to improve my blog posts and I forget to check some of these items. Did you learn all of this from one place or do you have references to great places to help reinforce the key points? You have a great idea to use Fiverr as an affiliate source. I never thought about sending someone to buy articles from there. I’m going to check out the other sites as well for affiliate links. Thanks for the great ideas.

    1. Thank you very much for what you said. I found the list in an experienced one, it upset me how valuable it is and how much we have to consider.

      It’s the most complete checklist so far.

      I learned a lot by knowing this article.



  3. I am new to the “blogging life” so I am always looking for any tips or lessons that I can learn to further my knowledge and strengths when it comes to my articles. This was a great article and very informative:)

    I am excited to use these tips in my next post!

    1. I’m glad to hear!

      It’s hard to find something as a model, then read it 20 times.

      Don’t be scared, that’s what I sometimes do with models!



  4. Thank you very much for your help. I have been trying to produce quality content often but it’s difficult. I will follow your suggestions. I a have already been checking Google for the post that already rank for the keywords I want to rank for. And then use them as a model. And try to write a better article than them. Have you used AI to speed up your article production? What are your comments about AI? The services seem to be expensive and the quality of the articles produced still requires a loooot of work to take them to a decent level. Do you recommend AI?

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